Need An Idea For A Road Trip?

Road trips are a great way to spend a day, a weekend, or even bookend a family vacation.  If you are looking for a road trip idea this Summer, here you will find 10. 

These 10 road trip ideas are all (at least almost all) within reach of most any American willing to get behind the wheel and drive down the highway.  Some are classic American traditions.  Others may be something new for you.

There is only one rule.  A road trip should require you to head down the road.  There is something therapeutic about buzzing down the highway to a destination.  You should be thinking road tripabout traveling out of your hometown.  Second, two lane roads are superior to interstates when you are on a road trip.  You will find things off the interstate that you never imagined, and most of it will be good, so give it a shot and don't worry about how fast you get to your destination.

There is one other thing you should know.  What I am listing here are destinations for your road trip.  The length and route of the road trip are up to you.  I just like to have a destination when I head down the road.  If you prefer to just drive aimlessly when you are on a road trip, great.  Maybe, if you're lucky, you'll come across one of these 10 road trip ideas along the way.

To get your road trip imagination going, read on for 10 great ideas.

The Fair

the fair

The Fair is a unique experience any way you slice it.  For maximum road trip value, instead of your own county fair, why not head a few counties away or to the state fair?  You can even pick a county fair in a place that is intentionally off the beaten path or an area of the state that you have never visited.  This way, you will get to visit an area you never would have normally visited and enjoy a little cotton candy or catch a demolition derby along the way. 

A Festival


Another great destination is a festival.  This could be an art festival, music festival, or even a small town celebration.  These events make great destinations for a road trip and, like the county fair, can open up some routes along the back roads that you have never seen before.  The bonus here is that you'll get to enjoy a leisurely time at the festival where you are sure to find food, drink, and entertainment while you're there.  You can find some great festivals in small to mid-sized cities that are great fun and not overcrowded if you take a moment to look for them.

Car Show

car show

A car show is an experience of its own.  You can often find these in small towns across the U.S., though they are certainly in the big cities as well.  It is lots of fun to walk among the automobile owners, many of whom have worked on the cars themselves and get a close up view of these beauties.  If you are lucky you will also be treated to some sort of "parade" along the main strip in town where the car owners will drive back and forth.  I've been to cities where people plant a lawn chair along the main drag with a cooler and just watch the cars to by.



Another great destination for a road trip is an antique store.  Better yet, a group of antique stores.  You can often find these stores concentrated in certain towns throughout America.  They seem to be particularly prevalent in rural larger towns, especially along a river or in an otherwise scenic area.  Antique stores offer a slow pace and many hidden treasures that can turn your road trip into some sort of treasure hunt, especially if you have an item in mind that you are in search of.



This kind of reminds me of Rain Man, but a trek across the state to a casino can be a great road trip.  This is even better if you can find a riverboat casino, but it is not required.  Just don't expect to come home with more money than you left with and you'll have a good time.  Also, don't forget that you can't tell what time of day it is in the casino so set your watch and head back down the road when the time comes.  May lady luck be on your side.



A show is a great destination for a road trip, but a drive in theatre is the perfect destination.  If that is not an option, seeing a show at a live theatre or even a blockbuster movie in a movie theatre at your destination will work.  The drive-in is a classic, though, and should be your first choice.  If you haven't gone in many years, you should know that most drive-ins use FM radio now so you don't have to clip a big speaker on your window.  The only dilemma here is that now that you had to wait for dark to watch the movie, you're probably going to hole up in the local motel.

Hall of Fame

hall of fame

Now we're getting serious.  Unless you live in one a few places in America, this is a serious road trip but an amazing destination that you might not take for a normal vacation.  Pick your favorite sport or activity, find the hall of fame or national museum, and head on out.  Classics include the baseball, football, basketball, and hockey hall of fame.  You may also think about things like the rock and roll or country music hall of fame.  The list goes on and on.

The Beach


Since it's Summer we should consider the beach.  This is a great road trip and since you are willing to head down the highway you can hit a beach that you've never seen before.  All across the country you can find great beaches along not only our oceans, but lakes and rivers as well.  Some communities even have waterless beaches if you can believe it.  Just pick one that gets you headed down the highway, grab your sunscreen, and head out.  One warning here, you will be very relaxed on your drive home, but hopefully not burnt.

National Park

mt rushmore

Taking a road trip that ends with a visit to one of our beautiful National Parks is a great idea.  If you plan this well, you will pick a mid-week trip to avoid the weekend rush and have a great time seeing some of the most spectacular sights our country has to offer.  The nice thing about National Parks is that you are probably within a day's drive of one, but you can also pick one three states away if your schedule allows.  I suggest that, while you're there, you let your vehicle rest and use your feet for a while.  After all, you'll be back on your seat all the way home.

Baseball Game


Is there anything more American that a baseball game?  I know you probably have a local, minor or major league team fairly close, but how about a real road trip?  If you follow a team, pick an away game that takes you down the highway to a city you've never visited and make a trip out of it.  Many people do this once per year and get to visit a different city every time.  Don't forget money for a hot dog and a beer, but only one (beer that is).

Where Are You Headed?

Well, there you have it.  You have no more excuses for not having anywhere to go on your next road trip.  These 10 road trip ideas should offer plenty of options for you to consider.

Have an adventurous and happy trip!

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