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When you keep track of your money you will find out that you spend a huge amount of money for your weekly buying. I will give you 10 rules to save money when you go shopping.

1.    Never go shopping without a shopping list
You should think about which meals you are going to cook in the next days, and which food supplies need to be refilled, when you are at home. From this basis go and create an according shopping list. This investment of time pays off because you without a shopping list you will do unpremeditated buying. This means you buy things that you do not need. Bind yourself to the list and you will save beside calories, a huge amount of money.

2.    Plan and take your time for shopping
If you go shopping under pressure of time, it is likely that you forget some important products. It might end in the situation that you have to buy it at the filling station. When you are in a hurry you do not have the time to find the cheapest offers and to compare products.

3.    Do not go shopping when you are hungry
Well saturated you will easily pass the seductions of the supermarket shelves. Keep in mind that it is more likely that the appetite will tempt you to test the new ice-cream, not the hunger. Go shopping when you are saturated and be strong against impulse buying. You will save “calories to go” and your wallet.

4.    Buy the groceries in the right quantity
What you might not know: big sized packages are not always cheaper than smaller! To compare easily products with different sizes, look at the basic price. The basic price is the calculated price per unit size (for example the price per 100g) and it is placed near the product at the shelf. Think about the size you will need in the next time and adjust the size of the package to your current need. You avoid unnecessary leavings and costs.

5.    No groceries for the garbage
The daily waste of groceries is unbelievable high in each household.  Act responsible with the groceries in your kitchen. You can write the date of the day when you opened the package and you do not use the entire package. You will get a better overview of the durability of your groceries. Leavings can be frozen or used in the next meal.

6.    Find the right special offers
When you are on a diet ignore the special offers that do not match to you. Circle the good offers and cross the ones that do not match.  You get a fast overview about the right special offers for you. Wait for a special offer for often used groceries with a long durability, i.e. olive oil. The high priced products are placed in eye height easy to reach. Cheap alternatives are often placed at ground level uncomfortable to reach.

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7.    Buy regional and seasonal products
Fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese etc. from the region are fresher, have a better taste, and are cheaper because long transport and storage costs have not to be paid. At the same time you support the farmers in your region. At the farmer’s market you can find a broad offer of fresh fruit and vegetables of the season. The best prices can be made short before it closes because the merchant do not want to stay on his products.

8.    Avoid convenient products
The usage of convenient products is easy, time saving, and seems to be cheap. This assumption cannot be generalized and have disadvantages, you should keep in mind. These industrial products often use different synthetic ingredients, which have a bad influence on your health.

9.    Look at the date of expiry
Always take the products with the highest date of expiry. These can be found likely in the back of the shelves. Store the groceries at your home in a ways that the once with the lowest date of expiry are in front in your fridge or pantry. This principle should be familiar by your whole family.

10.    Proper storage
The fresher the goods come into your house, the longer they can be stored with proper storage. Heat has a huge impact on the durability because under warm conditions microorganisms can grow faster. For the proper cooling of your food, you will find concrete details at which cooling zone of the fridge you should put it. Separate fruits and vegetables from each other in the storage. Many fruits discharge ethylene during the maturing process. This gas will reduce the durability of the vegetables.

These 10 rules can save you a high amount of money. Therefore, you should always keep them in mind and use them as often as possible. If you have more tips for saving money by shopping groceries, feel free to write a comment below.