Twitter is simple to use. And fast. That's why it is so popular. If you haven't tested it yet, this article may make up your mind for you. Twitter is considered an information portal. If you follow the correct people, you will get the correct information. It is easy to get to learn how to use Twitter; the best way is to play around, create your profile and you will be guided the rest of the way.

The idea of this article is to make you aware of the possibilities of Twitter and to give you some secrets to make Twitter work for you:

  1. Include a link to free content and/or resources on your profile page.
  2. Add your Twitter account information to We Follow, which makes it easier for people to follow you based on your niche. We Follow is a Twitter Directory. Do a Google search.
  3. Automate your list building process by sending out automated messages to your followers with a direct link to your website or blog. There are various companies that offer these services for free. It could save you a lot of time and effort.
  4. Tweet often. Keep it alive. Re-tweet other people's interesting tweets.
  5. Focus on giving, not receiving. Providing useful information will ensure a dedicated list of followers.
  6. Use the #function (called a hash tag)  at the end of your tweet followed by good keywords when tweeting about your niche. It will help people find you easier on Twitter.
  7. Only follow people whom you are interested in. Lots of people will follow you, but you are not obligated to follow them. Use your discretion to avoid spam.
  8. Download available Twitter applications for your mobile device. It is free and makes your life so much easier.
  9. Use the Favourites function. It's a good way to keep those useful links.
  10. Twitter is great to keep yourself updated on current roadblocks, shows, celebrities, beauty tips, new inventions, etc. The list is endless. Explore all you need. The tool is readily available. Use it.

Next time you wonder if it's going to rain the next day, why not do a search on Twitter? You might just find your answer. Good luck.