Guys typically own the role of the villain in most Hollywood flicks, but this begins to feel cliché after a time. Often times you can't even remember who the bad guy was in the movie you saw just months ago. However, a brilliant actress with the looks to boot can really leave a lasting impression. Let's review those stunning women who have permanently burned an image in our minds! 

10. Juno Skinner - True Lies

Juno Skinner - True Lies

Tia Carrere plays the lovely Juno Skinner in 1994's True Lies, also featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. While memorable for her good looks, her character was also classical and witty. Although, when slapped in the face by Jamie Lee Curtis, she break character and shows off the feisty side under all that class.

9. Fembots - Austin Powers

Fembots - Austin Powers

While they didn't have too many lines in the film, the fembots were a memorable addition to the comical Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. Sexy enough to put Austin temporarily out of power! Just remember you will need some Cross-Mojination to overcome these bad girls!

8. Kathryn Merteuil - Cruel Intentions

Sarah Michelle Gellar - Cruel Intentions

Sarah Michelle Geller plays Kathryn, the cruel step-sister to Ryan Phillippe in cruel intentions. A movie about sex, drugs and high school popularity, Geller brings to life all three aspects in her devilish role. The appeal of this villain can only be summed up with the word "naughty."

7. Regina George - Mean Girls

Regina George Mean Girls

Wow, there was nothing I liked about this movie...except Regina George. I suffered through this one with the lady friend, because frankly Rachel McAdams is smoking. She actually does a great job capturing the stereotypical high-school-popular-pretty Queen B character. While the rest of the movie is a drag, Regina George definitely deserves a spot on our hot villains chart.

6. Elektra King - The World is Not Enough

Elektra King

Elektra King from the James Bond series fills our number six position on the sexiest villains chart. Sophie Marceau masterfully plays the elegant and refined Ms. King. No self-respecting Bond movie is complete without the Super Hot Temptress Who Pretends to Help Bond Only to Betray Him Shortly After Making Love. Amazingly, Bond falls for this every time! And then I ask myself "Who cares?!?!" The man has been around enough to know he can get lucky twice in a movie and still save be able to save the day! Sir, I salute you.

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5. Catherine Tramell

Sharon Stone Basic Instinct

Winding down to the top 5 Sexiest Female Villains, we come to Catherine Tramell in Basic Instinct. Played by the infamous Sharon Stone, Catherine Tramell is a stoic and sexy author of murder mysteries. The movie is really pretty good, but is best known for really pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable on the big screen (even for rated R films).

4. Sil - Species

Natasha Henstridge Species

Pre-alien transformation, Natasha Henstridge plays the beautiful Sil. Every guys dream for about 5 minutes until she freaks out on them. Species as a movie was pretty sub-par, but Natasha's character of few words sure was memorable!

3. T-X - Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

Kristanna Loken T3

The Terminator series finally caught on to the fact that sex sells in the third installment of the series. T-X is the latest (and sexiest) Terminator that Arnold has ever faced in this action movie. T-X can best be remembered for making red leather look great and demonstrating some superb flexibility.

2. Emma Frost - X-Men: First Class

Emma Frost

Number 2 on our list is Emma Frost from X-Men: First Class. This haughty hottie is played by January Jones, best portrayed when not speaking. Emma Frost is a classic, sexy character from the original X-Men comics. Always well dressed, cool, and sexy. Ms. Emma Frost is one devious villain who is quite nice to look at.

1. Mystique - X-Men Trilogy

Mystique X-Men

What do you get when you combine a hot actress, an evil villainess, and body paint? The Sexiest Female Movie Villain! The X-Men series really knew how to make some great looking characters, Mystique takes the cake. Resourceful, stealthy, athletic and beautiful all describe this number one sexy villain. And if blue isn't your color, she can transform into anyone you desire. Now that's talent!

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