Drawing Tips that will Dramatically Improve your Drawings

1)    Look for something interesting to share: a drawing becomes interesting when you can communicate something to yourself and the person admiring your work; in order to achieve this, there must be a connection to what you are doing: If you are drawing a portrait, try to capture the expression of the subject, as you will also catch the attention of the people looking at your drawing, they would be trying to figure out what was going through the person’s mind, they would want to see more.


2)    Practice, practice, practice: make a simple sketch, study what is wrong with it or what could be improved, now do another one, did it work? Have you seen any improvement? Even if it does look better, why don’t you go for the third one? You will see a big improvement on the finished work. Practice is what will make you great and separate you from the rest.


How to Draw Landscapes and Landmarks - drawing of LondonCredit: Daniel M Ramirez


3)    Preparation for your work: focus on the composition of your drawing, by organizing, arranging and combining all the elements that will be part of your drawing. Start by drawing a simple line of the main subject, this should be your focal point and the rest of the elements should be added using the subject as a reference.


Learn how to Draw - top 10 tps to drawCredit: Daniel M Ramirez4)    Drawing tools: lines, lines and more lines; once your main subject has been placed on the sketch you need to use the lines as a form of navigation tool, they will be useful to make sure that the combination of all the objects within the drawing space creates an artistically attractive composition.


5)    Work on the Overlapping: this is the single and most important composition factor you need to take into account if you want your drawing to look realistic and professional. The correct overlapping of all the elements in your drawing will create the perfect visual separation into focal point, middle and distance space.


Learn how to draw - Drawing of The CostsworldsCredit: Daniel M Ramirez6)    Light and Shadows: Do not be afraid of the shadows, this is exactly how you will be able to describe the objects, you need to train your eye and mind to think like an artist, look carefully at your drawing and think how you could improve it; how could you make realism to emerge on your drawing? The answer is simple: shading is the simple, fun and professional technique that will give the extra edge to your drawing.


7)    Draw with ease and determination. Enjoy what you are doing but at the same time be firm and concise. Try to relax your hand and arm when you are drawing, loose and vivid strokes is what you want so allow you hand and mind to work freely and without reservation.


Learn How to Draw - Tips on how improve your drawingCredit: Daniel M Ramirez8)    Learn how to give and receive drawing critiques: remember that nobody’s perfect. If you are not happy with the end result, you can always change it and improve it. Even if you are a professional there will be room for improvement and you will be learning all the time, the important thing is that you can correct it and remember that what one person will love the one next to him or her will hate. Any artwork will be as good as the person looking at it.


Louis Smith - HollyCredit: Louis Smith - Holly9)    Learn from the Masters: always get your inspiration from good artists if you want to learn, but do not try to copy them, you must find your own style, a style that you will enjoy and work for you. Drawing is exactly like taking a photograph, there will never be two looking exactly the same. Learn your weaknesses and take advantage of them, for example, if cannot draw straight lines, why don’t you try irregular ones? You should set yourself goals, why don't you start by improving your realistic drawing techniques.


Credit: Louis Smith - Holly10) Learn, learn and continue learning: Drawing is a passion that you will be able to improve by practicing, why don’t you go for classes? Even if you are a professional you will learn something new, it will also motivate you to continue with your drawings or use a different technique. Another way to learn is by buying a book; my favourite one is The Complete Book of Drawing by Barrington Barber, this is a brilliant book and will teach you everything you need to know. In addition, selecting the best pencils for drawings will guarantee your drawings will improve dramatically.

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