Does the cold, gray dullness of winter make you want to go back to bed instead of dragging yourself to work each day? Here are some things you can do to feel better.

Image by Andrew Vargas from Clovis, United States, licensed under Creative Commons CC By 2

Image by Andrew Vargas [CC-BY-2.0] via Wikimedia Commons

1. Get some alone time. If you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed, take a break from everyone and spend some time by yourself. Let your mind wander and recharge.

2. But don't forget to connect with people. If you're feeling dull, empty, or listless, a good chat with a friend can work wonders! Even just a few minutes laughing with a colleague can help you feel connected with the rest of humanity, but for best results, go deeper and spend time with someone you really care about.

3. Look for things to enjoy and reasons to be happy. Making a daily list of five things you're grateful for is one of the quickest ways to enjoy life more. Another is to pay attention and savor each experience as you have it.

4. Laugh. Find silliness wherever you can--it will make you feel better.

5. Listen to music. Put on a favorite CD or song collection and sing along. Better yet, dance! Music is a powerful mood lifter.

6. Give yourself a break. If you've been working too hard and doing too much, take an evening off. Curl up with a good book; take a long, hot bath; write in a journal; or just relax.

7. But don't forget to do fun stuff, too. If you feel dull and lifeless, doing something you enjoy may be the best medicine. Pick an activity that is a good match for your skills, challenges you, and engages you. That's the kind of thing that will leave you feeling satisfied. Or try something you've never done before for a rush of aliveness!

8. Eat right. Our bodies need fruit, veggies, and protein to work properly--make sure you're getting enough or you're guaranteed to feel sluggish.

9. Get enough sleep. This is another basic need that many of us neglect, but it's not to feel grumpy and clumsy when you're sleep-deprived.

10. Take a walk. This advice comes up all the time because it works. If you can walk outside in a natural setting during daylight hours, you can multiply your benefits. Getting outside in the daylight helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder, nature helps you recharge quicker than walking alone, you get the benefit of exercising, and walking is a great chance to get your thoughts straight.

It's easy to feel low when it's cold and gray. Use these tips to feel better fast!