Anybody can do it!

So you want to lose weight and you don’t know where to start or what to do?  You think is very complicated that you need multiple products like pills and magic shakes or that you need to starve yourself?  NO YOU DON’T!!

The truth about diets and success cases are not magic pills or starving diets, it is a change of lifestyle in all the aspects, from organizing your day to believing in yourself and fighting for what you really want. 


Everything you eat has an effect on your body!


This is simple math and trial error; you just need to get to know your inner self.

The truth is that EVERYTHING you eat has calories and that is energy that either your body stores as fat or nutrients, or your body burns as energy on your day.  In this article I will show you how to get to know what you eat and what it is doing to your body.

10 Steps for gaining control of your body

It’s so simple to lose weight and do whatever you want with your body even if it is becoming a model or a professional weight lifter. It doesn’t matter how much you weight right now, all you need are the following tips and you will be able to start a diet and gain control of your body and your life.

1. Why are you doing this?

So you are reading this for a reason and that is because you want to lose weight but you need to find really deep inside yourself and decide why I am doing this.  The stronger the reason the harder it will be to go back to who you were.

2. Set some short term (baby steps) goals and longer term goals.

Truly successful dieting and exercising is not a temporary action that you take and then go back to where you were, you need to completely change your way of living and your attitude because if not you will always go back and it could be even worse. 

The most important thing is that even though you are really motivated right now into running a marathon or eating only lettuce all day, you need to pace yourself and go with baby steps because this is for the rest of your life.

3. Organize your time and investigate for the truth.

The health and beauty industry is HUGE! And they will do anything for you to buy their products, but they can’t afford to lose you as a client and that is why you never are successful at losing weight for sure. 

You need to investigate on a diet that works for you, invest in a nutritionist so they tell you you’re specific caloric needs and separate space for exercise every day.  Learn what fast food items are actually good for you and stop all of the poison that you get into your body like refreshments and sugars. 

Fill it with water and you will see incredible results all the time!

4. Exercise EVERYDAY????!!!!

You could do the BEST DIET in the WORLD and you will not be truly successful if you don’t exercise.  Our bodies are created to be constantly moving, not to be sitting on a chair all day.

THE GOOD NEWS is that you don’t have to do CARDIO more than 15 to 20 minutes per day if you do it every day! 

Because it’s much more effective to do 20 minutes constantly on the week than to do 1 hour on 1 day per week.  Remember that cardio is not lifting weights and if you want to lose weight you really need to concentrate on cardio and accelerating your heart rate and sweat all that grease off!

Even if its 5 minutes is more than what you would’ve done by not exercising!!!

You will be able to get your body into motion and it will slowly ask you for more.

5. It’s all about of having FUN!!!

Get your music devices ready and look for what pump’s you up, either if its music, podcasts, audiobooks, other people. Anything that lets you have fun will be enough motivation to get you moving.  Remember that this is your precious time for yourself and might as well enjoy it with what you already like!

6. Keep yourself motivated for success!

Take pictures, record all of the previous weight, buy new smaller clothes, enjoy yourself with your new body and find all the new things you can do that you couldn’t do before.  I remember how I was so amazed of being able to walk all of the parking lot and going through all of the stairs without hyperventilating, is the best feeling of the world!

7. Keep pushing yourself!

The sky is the limit!  All you need to do is to keep your goals updated and keep having small and big goals that will change with your progress.  Have other buddies that will go with you to do exercise and support each other on the diets.

8. Be happy and eat whatever you want!

After you investigate what is in the foods you eat and you are constantly doing exercise you will be able to enjoy all of this world marvels even when they are the greasiest and sweetest foods, but because you know what you want and how to get there, you will know that after that success treat you will have to be more strict on the rest of the week and do more exercise to keep you on the way.

9. Last but not least, REST!

It’s one of the most important activities because when you sleep all the hours your body is able to burn all the fat! 

It’s proven that the body goes into the fat burning process on the last hours of sleep so if you don’t give your body the rest it needs you will miss on burning the fat faster!!

10. Vitamins RULE!

You have no idea how much energy you get by drinking a multi vitamin while exercising!

Because you burn through vitamins like they are water and because all of our foods are processed so we never replenish our needs, you will feel the difference from having energy to being drowsy and sleepy by just drinking a couple pills a day.


Remember to study and learn how your body works and you will be able to feed it right and improve your lifestyle dramatically, not only for losing weight but for preventing all of the sickness that we see in the paper each day because you will be a stronger human being.