Men generally are not known to be get teary eyed over trivial stuff, but music can hit all kinds of emotions in men. It's alright if you get teary eyed over these songs. Here are 10 songs that make you cry.

1."Arms Wide Open" by Creed - The song is about a man who finds out he is about to be a father for the first time. The emotional lyrics tend to bring a misty glaze to any fathers eye. Many people hear the song without crying, but once they find out they are about to be a father the whole meaning of the song comes full swing as they realize the true power behind these lyrics.

2. "Nobody Knows" by The Tony Rich Project - This song was also done as a Country music cover by Kevin Sharp. Both versions of the song are very sad and the emotional lyrics can bring a tear your eyes very easily. Nobody knows is definitely one of those songs that can make you cry.

3. "Candle in the Wind" by Elton John - This tribute song written by Elton John was in honor of Princess Diana, who was killed in a car crash. Elton John performed this song at her funeral and it made people worldwide cry together.

4. "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton - This song was written by Eric Clapton and is about the death of his 4 year old son, who died tragically after he fell 50 stories out of a window. The Acoustic version of the song was even more popular than the original version, but it is also a lot easier to hear the true pain in Clapton's voice as he sings this sad ballad.

5. "I Will Remember You" by Sara Mclachlan - This song is interpreted to mean different things, bu tone common perception is that this song relates to a person’s first true love, and things did not work out. This is one of those powerful songs that people can easily associate with their own life, thus bringing a tear to many peoples eyes as they listen to this song.

6. "I'll Be Missing You" by P Diddy, Faith Evans, and 112 - The tragic murder of Chris Wallace, AKA Notorious B.I.G., and Biggie Smalls) left many of his fans, friends, and family in shock. P. Diddy was one of Biggie's closest friends, so P. Diddy, Faith Evans, and other artists combined their talents to make this song. They used the old song "Every Breath You Take" and made it into a heart wrenching tribute song to Biggie Smalls. Sting joined this diverse group of urban artists and performed it live at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards.

7. "Letter to my Daughters" by Uncle Kracker - This song Uncle Kracker talks about how he misses his daughters and their life steps, such as the first time they walked, all because he has to be on the road touring as a Rock Star. He admits he has some fun out on tour, but he really misses his daughters and their mother, presumably his wife. Us Average people normally do not feel bad for rich Rock Stars, but Uncle Kracker allows us to feel his pain in our own world. You might not be a Rock Star, but if you are a truck driver or any other job that takes you away from your family then you may tear up. "Letters to My Daughters" is one of the songs that make you cry.

8. "What Hurts the Most" by Rascall Flats - This is one of the songs the make you cry because of the raw emotion that the listeners can relate to. If you have ever been in a relationship where the lady never listed to you, then you know the raw power of this song.

9"Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin - Ugly Kid Joe also did a cover of this song, and both versions are songs that make you cry. The song is about a kid who just wants to spend some time with his dad, but the dad is always away. In the final verse the dad is asking his now adult son to spend time with him, and the son replies the same way the father did. The dad then says "The Boy is just like me...".

10. "Don't Take the Girl" by Tim Mcgraw- This song is very sad as his wife and childhood love gets murdered.