Learn how to fight a cold fast!

Most colds last between 7-10 days but, may last even longer. Getting sick is no fun and most of us don't have the time to take off work even when we're sick. Failing to treat your cold may make it even worse though. There are ways to fight a cold within two days if you know what to look for immediately and what to do help the body's immune system. Follow these steps the next time you start to feel like you're getting sick to zap it out in two days!

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Check out these 10 steps and keep them handy for the next time you feel a cold starting out.

Things You'll Need:

Body awareness

Warm shower

Neti pot




Frequent hand washing


Disinfectant spray

Step 1

Take a warm shower

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The first thing to do to fight off a cold in two days is to have a body awareness. Knowing your own body will help you to recognize if a cold is coming or it's just allergies or something in the air. A cold will initially make you feel tired and sluggish, runny nose, with aches and pains in the head, muscles and joints. This is the time to take action before a cold turns into the flu. Take a warm shower to loosen secretions and open the nasal passages.

Step 2

Use a neti pot

You may be saying, use a what? A neti pot looks like a small jeannie's lamp and is a way to reduce the mucous build up and even clearing your nose from excess drainage with canning salt. Using a neti pot is an excellent way to clear nasal passages and remove excess mucous. Follow the directions on the neti pot and use it several times a day to breathe easier and to help fight a cold fast. Check out the most popular neti pots below on amazon for the best price.

Step 3

Nutrition is a key element to fighting a cold fast


Nutrition is key to helping to fight off a cFood Pyramid Guide FruitCredit: istockphoto.comold in two days since your body is already weakened and you can help to boost your immune system to stay strong. This is the time to start loading up on lots of fruits/vegetables and lean protein. Food is fuel so this is one time that it's OK to overeat. Keep the fuel coming every hour or two in small portions, as well as adding supplements of vitamins and minerals, cold medicine, pain reliever and throat lozenges.

Step 4

Rooibos black african tea

Drink extra fluids. Normally, the daily intake of water should be 6-8 glasses of water so, when a cold is coming on double the amount of water daily to flush your body and the toxins that follow it. Caffeine-free herbal teas loaded with antioxidants can take the place of water and also soothe a sore throat and act as a diuretic to flush the body. Rooibos black tea has abundant antioxidants and tastes amazing too.

Step 5

Bundle up and exercise

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Even though when a cold is coming it's hard to feel like exercising, it's most important to continue exercise to maintain strength and boost the immune system. Bundle up and take a brisk walk, use the treadmill or do 30 minutes of any exercise to keep the body strong and ward off a cold quickly. Exercise will help your body to sweat and reduces any toxins. Drink plenty of fluids afterward and you may even want to nap!

Step 6

Frequent hand washing

Frequent hand washing is imperative to fight off germs in two days. Any time you touch your face or blow your nose, immediately wash your hands. This will avoid contamination to others as well as to yourself. Throw those contaminated, germ filled Kleenex away immediately as well. Sneeze or cough into the elbow area of the arm to prevent further contamination.

Step 7


Rest is critical when sickness is brewing. Take short naps throughout the day if possible if you happen to be at home when the start of a cold strikes. If not, be sure to go to bed early to get additional rest to help the body heal and prevent the cold from lingering.

Step 8

Vapor Rub

Rub your chest and neck with a vapor rub and place a tea towel around the neck to aid your breathing while sleeping. Wash your hands really well afterward since a vapor rub product has menthol and will burn your eyes if you touch them. Ouch!

           Step 9

        Repeat all prior steps!

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Repeat these steps on day two starting off with a warm and steamy shower to loosen any congestion in your chest.

        Step 10

       Get rid of the germs!

         At the end of the second day, wash all the linens, clothing and pajamas from the day before. Throw away the toothbrush used and start with a new, germ-free, clean one. Spray the house with a disinfectant, clean the bathroom and bed linens with disinfectant spray, vacuum all floors and open the windows to air the home out.



Tips & Warnings

  • There are no guarantees to ward off your sickness in two days but, these 10 steps always help me and I do each one many times in those two days

  • Seek medical attention as needed or for fever


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