Halloween Party Planning Ideas

When it comes to planning a Halloween party, it can be hard to figure out how to get everything up, running, and ready to go. So, the question is...what do you need to know about getting your party up and running? Well, it's not nearly as difficult as you might think!

1.      Smoking or Non?

Is your party for little ones or is it going to be for adults? This is one of the most important things for you to figure out, because it's what sets the tone for the whole party. It also determines what foods, what drinks, what costumes, and what movies play whilst the party is going on. If you're going to have a child/adult party, it can be a tiny bit more difficult to find the right median for both. The best bet? Stick to foods for both adults and kids, cut the drinks down to extremely mild brews, be prepared to stay the night if you cannot drive (aka, have the kiddie bag ready), and try to pick movies that both kids and adults enjoy.

2.      What Ghastly Ghouls Will You Invite?

Invites are pretty easy—but they're another thing that you should definitely have ready to go at least two weeks before the party. This gives your guests enough time to plan for the day, but also enough leeway that if something comes up all of a sudden, they can let you know (of course, barring any emergencies that might occur and prevent them from going) and you can start planning for the right amount of people. Also, ask them to please let you know at least a week before if they plan on bringing any guests that weren't invited (assuming that you're cool with it), so you can still be prepared. And, if you know you don't really want that many people to come over, don't hesitate to say no.

3.      What Do Ghosts Eat?

Pick out foods that appeal to everyone's appetites. This can include a light dinner (if you're up for it), snacks of all different weights (for example, 7-layer-dip might be a good idea if you're looking for something filling, but marshmallow fluff-covered cookies might be better if you want something light), so that your guests can eat accordingly...and you as well. If you plan on doing dinner, then you can make it spooky with a little bit of red or green or blue food coloring.

4.      Say Hi to Jack!

Jack o' lanterns add a fun, yet festive touch that you wouldn't get with most decorations. They don't look tacky—ever! Not to mention that you can also add other decorations and special additions to the jack o' lanterns, including hats, other small pieces of pumpkins, gourd hats...whatever else that you can possibly think of.

5.      Costumes

Have your Halloween costumes planned out and make sure that you know exactly what you plan on dressing like before you finally do dress up. This makes it ten times easier for you to get ready the night of the party, whether you're the host or hostess or you're just getting ready to go to another party. Make sure that you have your costumes laid out at least a night in advance; too long before and you'll end up losing something in the process. Keep any spare items in a plastic bag atop your costume.

6. How About Some Hop-Skull and Truth or Devil?

Not to mention, there are loads of fun games that you can play. Don't limit the games just because you're an adult—there are still plenty of fun games that you can play, despite your age. Keep this in mind as you're planning your party. Let's face it—we all love games, no matter what our ages are! This is something that everyone needs to keep in mind as they're planning a party—who can say no to a few really, really fun games? Almost no one!

7.      Ghoultastic Tunes!

Don't hesitate to check into music of all kinds. Rob Zombie is a good choice for an adult party (although, be warned that there are some people that simply can't listen to Rob Zombie. It's not that the music is scary or anything, it just seriously creeps them out. This isn't a common problem, luckily, but it is a pain in the rear if you get into that paranoid, jumping at pretty much anything mode.), but you can find other great albums for kids at your local $5 section of your local department store. They don't cost much and they're fun, regardless of your age.

8.      Unpleasant Party Fingers—I Mean, Favors!

Party favors are a fun addition and they definitely don't hurt if you're looking for something extra to make your party pop. Don't hesitate to put a few pieces of candy and a few small party favors into a small bag and send it sailing with your crew of ghastly guests!

9.      The Décor!

The decorations are also super important. Don't hesitate to check into all different kinds of stores. You never know what you'll find at not only your local department or Halloween store, but also at your local discount store! Don't hesitate to also check online and see what you can get for a much lower price than you might anywhere else. Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of people overlook as they're searching for their decorations. They go for what's nearby and what's simple...when, they can simply find something that's quite a bit easier.

10.  The Final Solution

Finally, just go ahead and get the house prepared. Make sure that you have more than enough time to check and make sure that everything is in place. Make a list and save it to your desktop or your phone about a week before the party is due to happen. This gives you just a little bit extra time to make sure that you aren't in complete panic mode by the time that you actually throw the party. Keep these steps in mind as you're planning your party!