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Countless people undergo pessimistic and depressed sentiments because they are lacking in self-confidence. They feel defeated. They don’t dare meet people fearing that they will make a bad impression. This is a manifestation of deficiency in self-confidence. In the absence of self-confidence, you fail before you start, and each failure makes

1. Create a good self-image

Picture yourself as you would like to be in future. You can’t go far enough if you don’t have the correct image. Appreciate yourself as special and significant. No one has the combination of talents and gifts as you. Never allow yourself to think that you have nothing to offer. Picture yourself as a confident person. Let this image be with you from waking to falling asleep. This picture will begin working in your favour in no time.

2. Act in a confident manner

Wear smart clothes that make feel good. Whatever you do, whether it is standing, walking or sitting, do it in a confident way. As you talk to others, look at them directly in the eye. Give a firm grip when you shake their hands. When you talk, be audible. Don’t murmur. In short, you are doing things as you would if you were confident. These actions compel your mind to think accordingly.

3. Forget past failures

Every person has them. Their nature is not what matters, but how you react after that. Absolutely nothing can be done to erase them right now. Realize that a failure is not final unless you give up on it. Failure only arises when you fail to try. If you had given up hope, you would not be reading this article. You still have faith that regaining your confidence is a possibility. Therefore, recall your past victories and not your past mistakes.

4. Do not compete with other people

By trying to establish that you are superior to other people, you always end up beaten. You can’t outsmart everyone. You have your own unique personality and your talents to use. Trying to defeat others is not required. What you have to do in order to live is special to you and dissimilar from what any other person has done. Aim at doing your job to the best of your ability. If you do your job well, you will not have time to compare yourself with others.

5. Have a deep interest in other people

Being interested in other people is a fundamental route to self-confidence. Be concerned in all of them as people. This relates even to your workmates, the people you see on TV, those you travel to work with and any other person that comes your way. It is a fascinating affair to try and understand how it may feel like to be in their position. Remember that some of these people are also lacking in confidence. Remember also to take notice in individuals whom few people mind about. If you know someone who needs help, just go and visit them.

6. Do what you fear doing

Push yourself just a little bit and attempt the things that you dread doing. Challenge yourself continually to try what you fear simply because you do not have the confidence. For instance, you can take an outing and meet new people. Relax and begin a conversation. Avoid controversial issues. Every success is insignificant at the start, but makes a tremendous difference in the long run.


7. Develop your knowledge on a subject that you love

What are your interests? What are you good at? Whatever it is, look for more information about it. No person will imagine that you are proficient in everything. However, learning more about a particular field means that you can effectively talk about it. Once you become knowledgeable on a subject, it proffers you with genuine confidence. When you have a discussion on the subject, you do that with confidence. Others will soon recognize that you are conversant in that field and respond accordingly.

8. Focus on the affirmative issues

On the road to re-establishing your self-confidence, you will realize that you don’t succeed automatically. In some cases, things will not turn out the way that you wanted them to be. If such scenarios strike your thoughts, instantly replace with positive thoughts. Reading books or downloading E-books on the subject can make a lot of difference. To deter negative thoughts from entering your mind, seal it with positive thoughts.

9. Discover the power of relaxation

We are living in a world of stress and strain. We are constantly surrounded by the blare of vehicles, the clatter of various workmen and the rush of people going about their businesses. We are bound to get weighed down. It follows that stress starts to demolish our confidence. Learn how to relax. Take a few minutes each day and just let go! When you drop off to bed, let every part of your mind and body to become floppy. If you know how to relax, you will discover the secret of composure and control.

10. Avoid what you can't control

When you find yourself in difficulty, let things carry you through. Once you have given the issue your best shot, just allow things to take their own course. Although the best things in life are free, the roads that lead to them are not paved. In your efforts to regain confidence, you will certainly find many hurdles. None are insurmountable just by floating over them.


If you can make the decision to dedicate yourself in following these ten steps, it will not take you long before your confidence revisits. You will have a whole new life and a confident YOU.