Castles are a very romantic notion to many people. The fact that our ancestors used to live in and near castles thousands of years ago, and many of these castles are still standing is very amazing. It is really cool when we can actually visit a castle that used to be used to guard a Country and had real life royalty living there at one time. These are historical figures we read about in the history books from hundreds of years ago, and yet there home is still standing. There are many famous castles but there are many more castles that are not very well-known. Castles are like homes and can be built and designed countless different ways. Here are 10 super cool castles that you may not have ever heard of before.

1. Bodiam Castle

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We often think of castles as being the homes of Kings, Queens, and other royalty. Although this is very true for the most part, there were many exceptions. The Bodiam Castle was built in 1385 and was used as a private residence and not for royalty. The builders did however get permission from the area Royalty in order to build this castle. This castle was built by Sir Edward Dalyngrigge for his own use. Sir Edward Dalyngrigge was a former Knight who had retired from the business. Obviously Sir Edward Dalyngrigge was not a run of the mill white trash peasant, but he also was not a King or Prince.

Although Sir Edward Dalyngrigge was semi-retired, Bodiam Castle was still build as a fortified defense mechanism as opposed to a cozy retirement home like your parents have in Florida. The site of Bodiam Castle was selected to help prevent the Southern Coast from being attacked by the French. The interior of this once mighty castle has been ravished over the years; however the core structure of the exterior still stands as a testament to the might building techniques that have allows this castle to stand for over 600 years.

2. Dunrobin Castle

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The Dunrobin Castle has plenty of room to have guests over because it contains a total of 189 rooms. The interior was ravished and destroyed by a fire, but has since been rebuilt. Although the new interior looks nothing like the original interior, it is still majestic to see. The castle was originally built about 1401, and then in the 1700’s a housing addition was added to the castle like structure.

3. Tirol Castle

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The first castle structure built here was done some time before 1100. The castle has been through hell and back, part of it collapsed into the gorge, and it was even sold to become a rock quarry. Since all of this the Tirol Castle has been restored to its former glory. The Tirol Castle is located in the Mountains of Northern Italy and is near the village of Meran, Italy.

4. Castle of Valençay

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Construction of the Castle of Valençay in France began in 1540. Prior to the Castle of Valençay there were other castles that stood here. The Castle of Valençay sits on almost 100 acres and is filled with manicured gardens and numerous animals. The grounds of the Castle of Valençay are a popular place for tourists to go and wander around.

5. Neuschwanstein Castle

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The Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany is one of the most famous Castles in the world. Although you may not be familiar with the Neuschwanstein Castle, you will be familiar with many of the structures it has been the inspiration of design for including the famous Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. The Neuschwanstein Castle has been featured in numerous movies.

The Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the 1800’s as a getaway home for the King of Bavaria. After the King dies the Neuschwanstein Castle was open to the public for tours. Since those initial tours over 60 million people have toured this castle.

6. Sand Castles

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Obviously sand castles are not real castles and they also do not have the same structure lifespan; however sandcastles are still pretty cool.

7. Tarascon Castle

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The Tarascon Castle is one of my favorite castles. Construction on the Tarascon Castle began in 1401 after the old castle that stood on the same site was destroyed. Construction of the Tarascon Castle was not completed until 1449. In the 1600’s the Tarascon Castle became a military prison. The Tarascon Castle is located in France. The beauty of this castle is amazing. Although it looks like a solid traditional styled castle, you can also tell by the high walls that this castle was built for self fortification defense over aesthetics.

8. Aldourie Castle

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Aldourie Castle is located in Scotland on the Southern banks of the Loch Ness. You can stay the night at Aldourie Castle. If you have wanted a scenic getaway then take a look at the beauty of the Aldourie Castle. It is truly a very majestic and beautiful setting.

9. Windsor Castle

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Windsor Castle may be the most well-know of all the Castles in the World. Windsor Castle is home to the English Royalty. Windsor Castle is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Britain.

10. Krak des Chevaliers

Krak des Chevaliers

Krak des Chevaliers  is a medieval  castle in Syria. The castle was originally built in the 11th century. It had fell into ruins at times and rebuilt. There have also been other add-ons added on to the Krak des Chevaliers castle. The Krak des Chevaliers is one of the most important crusader castles that still remain in the World. The depth of history that is directly attributed to the Krak des Chevaliers is truly amazing. Syria is not a typical hotspot for tourism; however if you ever are in the area  visit to the Krak des Chevaliers castle will be an event you shall remember forever. The Krak des Chevaliers is one of those magnificent sites that needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate the splendor of.