The following self confidence tips are ones that I have successfully applied in my life. They will require practice and work from yourself. Remember nothing good comes easy in life!

1.  Beating Self Consciousness

You know that awful feeling when you start feeling self conscious? That feeling of anxiety?

Well when this happens focus on something else , maybe something out of the window, the patterns on the wallpaper, how the leaves on the tree are moving etc.

The idea is to take the attention off yourself. Practice this at home first


2.  Remembrance

Think of memories when you did feel confident, when you did feel like you could conquer the world. Draw strength from it.

Added tip - why did you feel confident ? Try to repeat. My most confident moments have come from meeting new people .


3.  Set targets

The goals could be anything. Have a goals or target book and keep track of your progress.  You know when you have that though " oh I'd like to do that", write that in your target book. When you complete goals and targets you have achieved something, when you achieve something you increase your confidence.


4.  Becoming your own hero

Write down all the positive traits you see in other people who you admire, whether it be generosity , humour, honor , sensitivity. Make this a long a list as possible.  Then begin one trait at a time to incorporate these into your life (extra tip: Use your targets book). You will then slowly become your own hero and from that your self confidence will increase. Maybe even use self confidence quotes from other inspirational people to help.

Personal example - I wanted to be like my friend who did not hold back what he thought, so that is what I decided to work on. And know I say to people exactly how I feel instead of hiding it away!


5.  Follow your heart

Notice how people are always trying to tell you how you should live your life? Well this is just an example of their own lack of confidence. Don't let these shortcoming affect your life in a negative way. NO ONE knows you, better than yourself, knows your interests and aspirations. Work towards your own desires and not towards the desires of others.





6. Listen to others

When having a conversation with others have eye contact, smile and nod and try to learn something from them.  Learning from others can only improve yourself (look at tip 4 and how it worked for me)

7. Positive body language

Stand like a leader, walk like a leader and have purpose. Puff that chest out, look at the world and not at the floor. Practice this at home and it will become second nature (Sometimes I have to tell myself not to look at the floor at times..)

8. Problem Solving

Sometimes in social situation for whatever reason you will not feel confident. Accept this and then work out why? Is it the people you were with? Is it the surroundings? Maybe you tried to be funny and it failed so you lost all confidence? Maybe you were not joining in with the conversation?

Once you work out why you were not self confident in the first place, then you can begin to work out a solution.

9. Take rejection

I've found that the most confident of people are those that handle rejection the best and quickly forget about them (or even better LEARN from them) . Never fear taking the risks again, if you do that fear has won over you. Being rejected does not mean you are bad or useless, confident people know that!

10. Building Skills

Self confidence is knowledge. When you do not have the knowledge or skills that is when you lack self confidence. Remember trying to ride a bike or learning to swim? Well once you gained the basic knowledge I bet you were riding the bike for miles!

So simple solution -  gain the skills!


Well these tips should really help you on your self improvement journey. Remember that old adage "Rome was not built in a day" , well the same can be applied with self confidence. Simply by accepting that you need to improve your self confidence will put you ahead of most other people (tip : most people lack self confidence, you are not the only one!). There are some  simple self confidence tips here along with some great self confidence quotes.