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  Have you ever wondered if a guy was into you but had no real way to tell? There are subtle behaviors that men do around women that, if interpreted properly, can lead you to the information(and the man) you seek. When he is around you, does he exhibit any of the following ten behaviours? Each one in itself can tell you what you want to know, but the more the merrier. So here are ten surefire ways to tell if he is into you!


  • Do they glance or stare at you? Guys pay close attention to detail, what you're wearing and how you smell. If they like what they see they will tend to stare at it. It's almost predatory after a fashion, like lions with eyes on their prey. If he does this a lot it is a good indication that he is into you.

  • Does he ignore you? In social situations does he like to talk to you at all, does he try to make conversation? How they socialize with you can indicate whether they like you or not. Men wont spend a lot of time on things they don’t like.

  • Do he show off? Men like to impress and outdo each other. It's in their competitive nature. They will try to show off to get your attention if they like you. Very similar to a bird spreading its feathers to impress a mate. It's basic instinct for them, so they will try to show you how fast, strong or smart they are.

  • Do he gravitate toward you? Men are possessive creatures and they like to claim their territory. Does he always stand near you or try to stand between you and other males(figuratively and verbally)? He may be trying to claim his territory, which in this case, is you.

  • Does he comment on what you are wearing? Men are very visual, they like beautiful things and when seen they go after it. They do this by complementing you and paying attention to how you look particularly. If he complements your hair, nails, or outfit then there is a good indication he is paying attention to you. Men will pay a lot of attention to things they like.

  • Does he get nervous around you? A lot of men who don’t know how to talk or approach a woman will get very nervous and tend to lose their voices. It's because his body is being flooded with hormones that he is not used to. You are bringing out the baser instincts in him. Mating being one of the most powerful instincts of all!

  • Have they changed? Has he changed since you met him? Does he now like the same movies or musicians that you do? He is trying to build something in common with you in an effort to spend more time together. If a man actually changes to be with you then he must like you a lot!

  • How do his friends act around you? Do they tease you and him when you are together? Or tell you that he likes you constantly? They are telling you pretty plainly that he likes you. This is not the time to play dumb.

  • What is his body language saying? Does he like to stand close to you? Or lean in close when you are talking? How about mirroring the way you stand? Does he make a lot of eye contact? These are subtle clues that he does not even know he is giving but can tell you volumes.

  • What does Your tummy tell you? It is often referred to as a “gut feeling” or “vibe” but you can feel it, everyone can. Pay attention to what it is telling you. It will tell you the truth and guide you to the answer you seek. If your tummy says “go for it!”, then go for it!


I hope these ten ways to tell if he is into you help. Men are very simple and yet very complicated at the same time. So keep an eye on him, watch what he says and how he says it. How he move and talks directly to you. It will become very clear after a short time whether he is into you or not. So good luck and remember to have fun!

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