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     Men have trouble communicating with women because they are complicated and can over think things. They can get annoyed easily by men’s constant and clumsy attempts to get with them. For example, calling and leaving messages after message is incredibly pushy, will annoy her to no end and even place her under unnecessary pressure! Call once and leave a message. Leave it at that and if she wants to call you she will. If not well there is one way to tell that she is not hot for you, but here are a few simple ways to tell if she is!

  • When you look into her eyes she is always smiling. Every time you make eye contact she is giving you the biggest, brightest smile you have ever seen. She is telling you that you make her happy, plain as day.
  • If you catch her staring at you she bites her lip. Biting her lip is an obvious (to her) signal to you that she is attracted to you. It’s a sign of craving something, only this time she is craving you. May also be combined with “the hair flip” to grab your attention even more.
  • She talks about you to her friends all the time. To find this out you are going to have to take to her friends if they are available. They will let you know in plain terms if she likes you or not.  If you have no access to her friends try one of the other steps.
  • She will date someone she does not like to make you jealous. She will date your friend for two reasons really. The first being to get close to you, sad for your friend but great for you. The secondary goal is to make you jealous and pay more attention to her.
  • If she passes you somewhere, she will end up brushing against you even though there is plenty of space available. When women touch you it’s no accident. They know just how powerful a touch can be and how sensitive men are too it.
  • She will try to like the things you do. She will make casual conversation with you and ask the people you know what you like so that she can also like those things. The more in common you have the stronger you bond can be.
  • She will send you lot of messages on social media and want to talk to you for hours. You’re Facebook, Myspace and Google+; she will be there with a message for you. This is where texting and phone calls also comes into play all for the same reason. To spend time with you.
  • She will find out where you like to go and then somehow just accidentally meet you there. It will seem like quite a coincidence that she appears at the same movie you are at; or the same sports event and restaurants. She knows you go there and it’s no coincidence; in fact it’s quasi stalking, but hey, welcome to the dating game.
  • She flirts with you constantly and tries to get information about you from your friends. Ask your friends if she has been interested in you lately. Has she been asking them about what you like or don’t like? Are you single or not? She will want to know as much as possible about you before you can “just happen” to meet your destiny.
  • “The Hair Flip” She does this a lot when you are around her, flipping her hair with her hand so it flies up in the air. This is a flirting technique that a lot of men miss thinking it’s a meaningless movement but it is not. It is one of the clearest messages that she can give you.

     Remember don’t annoy a woman; if you do then it is very likely that you are off of her possible date list. Take a laid back approach and just talk to her. Don’t hit on her, she is used to that from multiple guys. Be the first one that just listens to what she has to say. Keep your eyes open, play it cool and keep your eyes peeled for the girls that are showing interest in you.  If she is giving you the “cold shoulder” she is saying you’re not her type or she already has a man.  Sometimes they even have to be down right mean for men to get the point, please don’t take her there. You will find the perfect girl for you but in more likelihood she will find you.


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