Kids are a lot easier to handle, when you are thinking of something bright and cheerful for their walls, or a play area to keep them happy. However, if you have a teenager, you will know that their room comes first and foremost.

Teenage decor for girls is especially something that is not easy to get your head around, because you can't simply think of what their favorite cartoon characters are anymore, or finding pretty decals consisting of flowers and birds.

However, if you let them do the choosing, and let them get on with the decorating, they will be happy campers. Have a look at these ideas for inspiration, which you can share with your teens, and even your tweens.

Girls Paint Ideas

All girls are different, with various personalities. Some want their bedroom to be their castle, with a color scheme that is nothing but pink. Some girls could not be bothered with that, and want something a little more modern or contemporary. For the girly teen, look for pinks and lavenders. For those who have a creative spirit, suggest a bright orange, green or even purple.

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The Modern Girls Teenage Bedroom

This may be for the more sophisticated teenager. The average teenager would not usually go for white walls, but in a case like this, where it is balanced out with good looking vintage furniture, it's definitely going to go well.


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You could go to the other extreme and paint the walls a bright color, or use a funky wall paper. Here, you won't have to do all that much with the rest of the room, because the walls will be your main focus. You could even paint one of the walls, and wallpaper another for something different.

Go Purple!

How about the purple teenage girls bedroom look? This is obviously not for everyone, but it can look good for the creative type. Of course, you don't have to go completely purple. You may want to focus on the walls or the bedding. Remember to complement this with another color by looking on the color wheel. You can use splashes of this color. For example, find yourself a chinese lantern, a rug and some wall art. This can look great!

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Bedding for Teenage Girls

The bedding you use can often transform the whole room. Then again, it can also spoil it, so you have to choose this carefully. Here again, will depend on their personality. A girly pinky room will be easy enough to complete the look. If you are going contemporary, then look for something that complements the walls, for example. You may have something bright, so you may want to go neutral.

Teenage Girl Ideas for Small Rooms

You may think this will be a little bit of a challenge. You can actually do a lot of things, where your daughter won't feel claustrophobic at all. If you use a your creative spirit, you can come out with something funky.

How about a bed that folds up into the couch - not just any old bed, but something that really looks good. Your placing and the way you design the room is important. Don't put the bed in the middle - put it under a couple of shelves. If you need extra storage space, build that above the bed.

Don't paint the walls too bright because your teenager will feel boxed in. Light colors and tones are the order of the day. You can have some some colorful wall art to brighten things up a little.

Selecting a Theme

A teenage bedroom becomes plastered with what they like. This may include some sort of celebrity or hobby or their favorite rock star. It may not be a good idea to encourage them to paint murals of Justin Bieber on their walls because may not last long until the next trend comes along. Something more temporary is a better idea.

The Fun Surfer Chick

A teenage bedroom, displaying an identity of what they enjoy doing is common, and should be encouraged. As was mentioned before, teenagers are so different and one may like the beach, while another may have dreams of gearing up for a modeling career.

surfer bedroom

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Someone who likes to hit the beach as often as possible, will not see their bedroom as a castle, but will probably go for something fun - colors will be that of the ocean. You may see some interesting typography on the walls.

Shared Bedrooms for Teenagers

This may sound like a massive challenge, but it is possible for girls to create their own space, even in the same room. Some girls are not to fussed about it, and others need their space. You could use a room divider as one option. It is a little easier if they have the same interests, enjoy the same music and like the same t.v programs, for example.

shared bedrooms

Although this may seem hard at first, the bonding process will pay off in the long run.

Teenagers who Enjoy Music

The teen who dreams of being a rock star one day, should also be encouraged to display their identity in a creative way. Of course, this depends on the type of music they are interested in. Some of them are laid back  folk guitarists and will have peace signs made of natural material, alsong with some typography in various places. Their guitar will be hanging on their wall.


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Don't discourage these looks if you don't approve because this will only lead to rebellion. It is usually just a phase, and the teenage bedroom is the best place where they can express themselves.

Black and White Teenage Bedrooms for Girls

Here teenage girls have already moved on from their pretty pinks, and want the more sophisticated hues. This often looks good when complemented with a bright color like pink, but it doesn't make it girly - it's more contemporary. The black and white can come in the form of a certain theme as well, by using animal prints or going vintage, for example.

black and white

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