Picture of GM's headquarters in Detroit.

If you are looking for some great activities to do in Detroit, there are many great activities that you can do as a couple. Detroit is full of great experiences and lots of fun events that you can take advantage of. There are tours to take and places to go eat, there are all kinds of events that are going to keep you happy and moving and having some great things that you are able to do with your significant other and really enjoy the company for the two of you by doing some great things to see in Detroit.

1. Take a Segway Tour

For couples in Detroit, you want to make sure that you are trying out a Segway tour. There are actually tour companies that will let you rent a Segway and when you are trying to find things to see in Detroit, they will take you there. This makes it easy to have fun as couples in Detroit and get that information that is going to be fun and entertaining for you so that you are excited about everything that is going on.

2. Take the River Walk

Detroit has done a lot of building up the downtown area and creating a lot of great places that people can go hang out at. For couples in Detroit, you need to check out River Walk. With River Walk, you can find things to see in Detroit as you literally walk as a couple hand in hand up the walk that is by the river. Head here for the sunset and have a great time when you are out searching for a place that you want to be at. Look to have a great date night with a nice sunset walk by River Walk.

3. Go to Hart Plaza

A great place to visit in Detroit and for couples in Detroit is to check out Hart Plaza. When you are trying to find things to see in Detroit, Hart Plaza is one that you can’t miss. This is a great place to visit and it has a lot of history built into it. Plus, there are some great statues and other things that you want to check out and see so that you can experience Hart Plaza and what it has there.

4. Head to Greektown

If you love good food, you need to head to Greektown. This is a great place for couples in Detroit. When there are people trying to find things to do in Detroit, Greektown is a must hit. This is an area that has killer yeros to eat and also has some great bars that you can stop in at and get a drink. This is a great idea for couples in Detroit, you can have dinner and then hit a bar and listen to some music and have a great drink too.

5. Go to Comerica Park

If it is summer or fall, for couple sin Detroit, there is nothing better than taking in a baseball game. The Detroit Tigers are a great team to watch and they have all kinds of great choices out there for games. For couples in Detroit, get a few good tickets, get a great hot dog, buy a beer and some peanuts, and sit back and watch the game and truly enjoy yourselves. This is a lot of fun and a great place to take a person out on a date and really make sure that you are enjoying yourself.

6. Head to the MGM Grand Casino

Detroit has many casinos and when you are looking for things to see in Detroit, it is a great idea to check out the casinos, there is a lot there and a lot of fun activities. This is a great choice for couples in Detroit, head to the casino, do a bit of gambling, do some great people watching, and have a great dinner while you are there at the buffet or at one of the very high end restaurants.

7. Go to Mexicantown

If you like Mexican food, a great thing that you want to do is make sure that you are looking into heading to Mexicantown. There are many reasons why people would head to Mexicantown and for couples in Detroit, have fun with this area. With the area of Mexicantown, there are all kinds of great places to eat; you can get true authentic Mexican food, which is going to taste great. On top of that, there are going to be some great bakeries that you can step into and buy some great food to try out.

8. Check Out Belle Isle

As Detroit has begun to rebuild and bring back some of the best areas that people used to flock to, couples in Detroit should check out Belle Isle. Belle Isle has a great view where people can hang out and really enjoy themselves. For couples in Detroit, this is a great place to have a date, you can walk around the island and you can visit the aquarium, it is a beautiful area and a place to head to for a great date and to find things to do in Detroit.

9. Go to Corktown

One of the older areas of Detroit that is great for finding things to do in Detroit is Corktown. This is an interesting part of town that has all kinds of great sites for couples in Detroit to check out and to enjoy themselves. Head for a drink and some great food and enjoy the sites that are down there.

10. Visit the Polish Village

Detroit is full of great Polish food. So, for couples in Detroit that are looking for things to do in Detroit, check out Polish Village. Enjoy some dill pickle soup, some beet soup, and some incredible homemade pirogues that are going to fill you up! This is a great place to head to with your significant other and really truly enjoy yourselves for a night or day out on the town.

What are you going to see first the next time you are in Detroit, Michigan?

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