It took forever for me to get to InfoBarrel but the first time I created a article here I was hooked!. I wrote at Bukisa for years and I still contribute something there from time to time. Because I was busy writing for clients, writing for my own sites, and writing for the other article marketing sites, I didn't think that I had time for another article site.

But, I joined a group of ladies who are very motivated and they convinced me that I needed to get my butt over here to InfoBarrel and start doing some writing. So, I created my first article and have been going crazy every since.

At first I was just writing to get backlinks to my other articles and my sites. And I still do that. But InfoBarrel has been a great place to learn and I've really started to enjoy it!  One of my favorite things about InfoBarrel is the forum - there are so many people to learn from there and they are very willing to share what they know!

These are the 10 Things I Have Learned Since I Wrote my First Article on InfoBarrel

  1. People appreciate a little humor. You don't have to be serious all the time! Some of my favorite articles are the ones that make me laugh!
  2. A little personal is ok. You should never make a article to be too much like a diary entry but an article with a personal story can add value. Personal stories and anecdotes can certainly make your articles more interesting and they can make them easier to understand where the writer is coming from, too.
  3. Pictures make your article so much more enjoyable! People like to see pictures when they are reading things - it's not just kids that like pictures you know! And you can use more than just photographs. Consider using charts and text images and borders to make your article easier to read. And relevant pictures are much better than just any picture!
  4. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to provide value. We all have specialized knowledge about something so share it! I have a wide array of interests so my articles cover many topics but I try to always make them valuable for someone. They may not be academic but they are useful - at least my commenters think so!
  5. Commenting and sharing others articles is important. People are not going to comment on your articles or even read them if they don't know that you are reading theirs, too! So take some time each day or each week to get out there and just read and comment. Not only will you be increasing the chance of your own articles being read, but you'll learn a thing or two in the process and meet some really cool people.
  6. Formatting matters. Even if you're just putting together a simple list, you can still employ formatting techniques to make your article easier to read. Bold sections of text that are important. Use sub-headings to help people find the most relevant information. Include graphics that add value rather than just decoration.
  7. The more you write the easier it gets. If you're only writing one article a month it is going to take some time to get into writing each one. But the more you write the faster the words and thoughts flow. Write often and you will learn to write faster and better.
  8. Your social network can increase your earnings. One of the great things about InfoBarrel is that it is so easy for people to share your articles. There are social network buttons right at the top of the page to encourage people to click on them. They can share them on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. And so can you! Start building up your social networks now if you haven't already because a lot of your traffic can come from there. Facebook delivers the highest amount of traffic to my articles but Pinterest is a close second.
  9. A regular InfoBarrel presence will increase your earnings. Even if you don't have time to write a new article there are many things you can do here. You can read someone else's article and leave a comment. You can add a picture or a video to an old article. You can tweak your Keywords. You can move Articles into groups. The more often you are here the more likely your earnings are to increase.
  10. InfoBarrel University is a great place to...well, LEARN! No one knows everything but the more you read articles from the InfoBarrel University  that other IB writers have so nicely given us the more you do know. Take some time to read there once in awhile. One learning article soon leads to the next one and before you know it you'll be putting new info to use!