Sometimes old people will tend to collect things that appear meaningless to us, but may have a lot of meaning to them. Some things will seem semi-normal. Here are 10 things that many old people like to collect.

1. Magnets

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Magnets are an easy thing for many elderly people to get addicted to collecting. They are a cheap souvenir to purchase when you travel so once your grandkids see that you have begun collecting magnets they can easily get you souvenir magnets from anywhere they may travel to. Storing the magnets is as easy as slapping them upon the front of the refrigerator. Magnets are cheap and you can find one for your magnet happy grandparents wherever you may travel too.

2. Pictures

Traditional pictures are one of the greatest things for elderly people to collect. There are still a lot of older people that do not use computers so they do not yet know the joy of digital pictures and sharing new pictures in real time with Facebook. Even seniors who have computers still love to get a traditional picture in a frame that they can put on top of their television. If you ever decide to buy your grandparents a digital photo frame then you better add the pictures and plug it in for them because if you simply give them a digital photo frame and they do not have a computer or any tech knowledge then they will have no clue what to do with it.

3. Collector Spoons

Spoon(121663)Credit: spoons generally are not of interest to most people. For those people that are interested in collecting spoons they always tend to be older. In the old days old people would compete to see who could get all 50 States added to their spoon collection. Unfortunately some of the old people cheat today by having their kids order them a spoon from a State that nobody actually visits. Regardless of the intentions, spoon collecting remains popular among Senior Citizens.

Collector spoons can be cheaply bought; however other collector spoons may be sterling silver and of a limited print so the price of them is much higher.

4. China Figurines

China Figurines can be large or small, but generally old people seem to prefer collecting smaller ones. One can collect little china figurines in a certain genre such as little china figurine cats or you can branch out and collect any and all china figurines that you come across. China Figurines have been popular among some groups of old people since at least the 1700s.

5. Ball Caps

“Hey, what’s a cheap gift we can buy grandpa”? The answer for some grandpas is always a ball cap. It may be a ball cap that says “John Deere” or it may be what appears to be Asian writing until you turn the hat sideways and it has a vulgar saying. Grandpa sure was proud of that hat! Old men often love hats and they make great gifts. It might look like an ugly old style hat to you but if grandpa likes the old mesh hats with a high profile then buy him one. I would rather have your Grandpa wearing a tacky ball cap instead of trying to squeeze into some skinny jeans.

6. Reading Glasses

Some old people collect reading glasses. They did not set out to collect reading glasses but they have ended up buying numerous pairs of cheap reading glasses that help to magnify their Sudoku puzzles. Instead of buying good quality reading glasses the old person decided to skimp and buy a super-cheap pair. When none of the reading glasses work out for them quite right they end up continuing the process of buying cheap reading glasses instead of buying 1  good quality pair of reading glasses. Sometimes you as the mature child should step up and buy your elderly parent a quality pair of eyeglasses that will actually perform the functions that the cheap eyeglasses will not do.

7. Coins

Coins are an ever-popular thing for older people to collect. One of the great things about coin collecting is it can be super-inexpensive. Some old people may focus on rare and expensive coins coated in gold, but many other senior citizens are content at going through all the change in the pocket each day and looking for old “Wheat Back” pennies.

8. Books

Books are a great thing for old people to collect. In today’s digital age we may consume most of our books on the Kindle and other digital readers but older people still prefer paper printed books.

9. Coffee Cups

Coffee Cups are an inexpensive gift you can pick up for your parents or grandparents when you are on vacation and it will also be a souvenir that will get used. Old people love to invite one of their friends over and have them see them drinking coffee or hot tea out of a new coffee cup that says Alaska on it. They can then brag about how their son and his wife went to Alaska for vacation. It might seem cheesy but old people love this stuff.

10. Antiques

Buying old antiques can be very expensive. There are however many types of antiques that are inexpensive and very cheap and easy to buy. Older people may like to collect things that are definitely an antique, but does not seem very important. It may be an old glass insulator off of a power line but this seemingly innocuous old thing can bring back many great memories for elderly people.

11. Neckties

Buying neckties for your elderly father is a great gift if he wears them. Neckties as a gift seem to be either loved or hated by elderly people. If you grandfather loves neckties then you can always have an easy thing to buy for him as a gift. Even if the old man does like getting neckties you should still buy some other gifts for him besides cheesy neckties.