city of fort wayne

If you have ever driven through Indiana on your way to the east coast, you'll know that it seems like one of the most boring states in the USA. I felt the same way too, until I was faced with the choice to go to college either in Iowa the infinite land of corn or Indiana. I picked Indiana and ended up in it's second largest cities, Fort Wayne. Thankfully it was not as boring as it seemed when I last drove through there. Fort Wayne, Indiana has quite a few attractions being as it is a college that houses three college campuses.

1. Pierre's Bar

Once you turn 21, this is the place to be. Pierre's bar is by far the largest bar in town. In fact, it's more like a super bar. It contains at least 6 different bars that cater to everyone's different expectations. A casual bar, a hip hop club type bar, a pool hall bar, ect. It has every type of environment you could imagine. It only takes a 5 dollar admission fee to get in on non-concert night. You can avoid this if it happens to be your birthday. They have concerts every other weekend, and not just garage bands from the city, pretty famous bands like Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, and Halestorm.

If you are looking for a party of a Saturday night in Fort Wayne, this is probably where you will find it. It's a very literal huge mega-bar with lots to do and even more to drink.

2. Fort Wayne Zoo

komodoIf you are looking for something less liquor oriented and more children oriented, you can't go wrong with the Fort Wayne Zoo. It's not the biggest zoo, but they have all the animals you go to the zoo to enjoy (except Pandas, of course). It's a real great place to bring the kids. There are peacocks just running free all over the place. Aside from pandas, you can find almost any animal you can imagine. It has quite a few educational exhibits you can visit with your children as well. I am personally fond of the giraffe exhibit where you are on a platform so you can see the giraffe's faces up close.

Though I must say, the lions are a bit scrawnier than lions in other zoos, but I went there in 2010, so they may have grown by now.

3. DeBrand Chocolatier

Debrands' is an elite chocolatiers with world renowned business. Donald Trump is a frequent customer of their fine chocolates. A tour of the DeBrand's chocolate factory only costs five dollars but you pretty much get that back in all the fine samples you taste while there. Their chocolates are a bit expensive, but it's very worth it. They are well made and are possibly the best thing you'll ever taste. I can attest that they make the best ice cream sundae in two and it's very much worth the price. If you happen to be craving chocolate within town, you can't go wrong with DeBrands. There are several other little shops outside their factory where you can get your fix.

4. The Embassy Theatre

embassyIf you're interested in taking in a show, The Embassy is the place to be. It hosts everything from concerts and orchestras to comedians and whatever you classify the Blue Man Group as. It has great acoustics inside, so you really never have problems hearing the show even if your on the balcony. At intermission they play a rather grand Wurlitzer Organ, which is a beautiful sight even when it's not playing.

The Embassy is a historic site too, though recently renovated. Still, it has the kind f beautiful architecture that people just don't create anymore. It's located at the heart of downtown by some of the better hotels, so if your near it's worth checking out.

5. Mad Anthony's Brewery

While you pretty much have the pick of any restaurant chain ever created in Fort Wayne, Mad Anthony's a unique little place all it's own. Locals rarely ever let out-of-towners leave without visiting this place first. I can only describe the buildings' decor as "trendy", lots of weird clever posters and street signs decorate the walls. The food is varied from italian beef to their trademark unwraps which is like a sandwich in pizza form. It is a brewery as well, they do brew their own beers and they are worth a taste. You can get several samples of them for a reasonable price. You can even buy a jug of beer to take with you.