It may seem like a bit of an understatement if you’re from Michigan to say there is no end to fantastic things to do in the mitten. But suffice it to say that Michigan during the summer is full of festivals, art shows, wine tastings and tons of beach fun. All are great for individuals and for the entire family.

1. Ann Arbor Art Fair

One of the best things to do in Michigan is to head on over to one of the liveliest cities and check out the Ann Arbor Art Fair. This city is known for its arts, food and friendly people. Every year during late July it’s possible to check out artists from all over and tons of upscale crafts. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of their many thriving restaurants. Take a few moments to listen to one of the bands that can be found playing during the festival and pick up a cd that’s truly unique.

2. Mackinaw City and Island

Michigan during the summer wouldn’t be Michigan without a trip to Mackinaw City and Island. It’s truly like a step back in time because the island is motorized free. Horses and bicycles are the main means of transportation. Rent a horse or bike and take a ride around this fantastic island. It only enhances the backdrop of nature. One of the tastiest things to do in Michigan is to enjoy some Mackinaw fudge while touring the butterfly gardens or the many historic features. Have some fun enjoying the unique flavors the restaurants offer a well as shopping the many little boutiques.

3. Michigan Beaches

Perhaps Michigan during the summer just won’t be the same without a trip to one of its many beaches.  Even for those who have grown up in Michigan the west coast can be a wonderful surprise. There are sand dunes that make for a spectacular natural site. There are many things to do in Michigan along these gorgeous beaches. Pack up the kids, umbrellas, sunscreen, towels and coolers for a day of free fun and swimming. Plan the trip with a few friends and get a game of beach volleyball going for the more competitive day.

4. Michigan Adventure Park

A fantastic trip for the whole family that can’t be skipped in Michigan during the summer is an outing to its own adventure park. Michigan Adventure Park has a host of roller coasters, themed rides and all sorts of fun for people of all ages. When a group is trying to figure out one of the many fun things to do in Michigan this is often one of the first suggestions made and rightfully so. Tickets are often available for winning on the radio or when drinking a favorite beverage, making it even more reasonable. Why take a drive across the country when there’s a fantastic adventure waiting in your own backyard?

5. Detroit Zoo

Detroit Zoo never gets old and is a must stop when in Michigan during the summer. This is one of those things to do in Michigan to is both educational and a lot of fun. Young children can get involved with educational shows, events where they get to feed the giraffes, or something simple like a pony ride. It’s very reasonable for a day, even when the entire family goes. Between the elephants, primates, penguins and polar bears there’s no end to the animal kingdom and learning. The wide variety of exotic creatures that everyone will enjoy is well worth the trip.

6. Tiger’s Game

If you’re considering one of the many things to do in Michigan chances are you’ll think about seeing a sports game that is outside so you can enjoy the beautiful weather in Michigan during the summer. Taking a trip to a Tiger’s Game is one of the most relaxing ways to spend a day out in the sun. It’s another event that is perfect for those of any age and can make a child a baseball fan early on. Make sure to enjoy a true ball park hot dog and a cold beverage to make for a well-rounded day.

7. Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)

Everyone knows that Michigan during the summer isn’t all sunny days.  Things to do in Michigan often have to be planned around the state’s unpredictable weather along with the tastes of those going on the outing. The Detroit Institute Of Arts fits this bill perfectly; it offers an experience truly unique in Michigan where a family can go and have a highly visual day and they can also enjoy learning more about art.

8. Fishing in Michigan Lakes

Michigan during the summer wouldn’t be the same without a trip to one of the many, many lakes. Whether choosing one of the smaller lakes that will be simple to find no matter where you’re at in Michigan or heading out to one of the largest lakes in the world that surrounds the state, fishing is one of the top things to do in Michigan. Great Lakes fishing isn’t just for the guys. A day out on a charter boat is an irreplaceable experience and can give the fisherman in your life the chance to bring in the big one.

9. Wine Tour

Going on a wine tour or checking out a local brewery is a fun outing when in Michigan during the summer. Because of all the bodies of water the state grows some of the best grapes and offers some delicious wines. There are vineyards all over the state giving the connoisseur or those who just love wine a chance to see how it’s made and a chance to find out which wine they may like best. It’s just one of those things to do in Michigan that is pure fun for the adults.

10. Cranbrook Science Center

Perhaps a field trip to Cranbrook Science Center is more what you’re looking forward to doing when in Michigan during the summer. It’s one of those things to do in Michigan that offers tons of hands on learning for even the youngest scientist. The pricing is reasonable enough that even the larger families will be able to enjoy a day seeing what technology has to offer.