What can you do in North Carolina besides going to the beach and hanging out?

Well the answer to that question is that there are a lot of things you can do besides hanging out at the beach! I will only list a few of them.

   North Carolina is a beautiful state and there are many historical sites there. When I went to North Carolina for a week to learn how to scuba dive, I wasn't sure what I was going to do during my free time. Thanks to my mom, she knew a lot of places we could go to and a lot of things we could do.

    1. U.S.S North Carolina. Location Wilmington, NC. Seem unfurmiliar to you? Well it is very well known. It is one of the most powerful battle ships during WWII in the whole world. It is a huge ship where you can walk from from the top deck to the bottome floor engine rooms. It is a lot of fun and it is known to be haunted at night time. Unless you stay after hours, you never really know what kinf activity happens on the ship. The cost per person is about $25 for adults and $15-17 for kids. It is a little expencive but totally worth it.

   2. Carolina beach. I'm not just talking about going on the beach. Carolina Beach has a lot of attractions on shore. There is always a huge fair during the summer and it is right next to the beach. There are shops, arcades, and pizza places Another attraction which is also one of my favorites is Britt's Donut Shop. They are known to have the best doughnuts in the entire country. They are only 85 cents a doughnut and $6.75 for a dozen. What a deal! Honestly you can't leave NC without going to Carolina Beach much less Britt's Donut Shop.

  3. SCUBA Diving. Scuba diving is fun, but it is even more fun when you know you have learned a new skill. I highly recommend learing to scuba or do scuba diving trips here because there are so many dive sights you can go to, even in lakes! The water is so clear here and thereare many coral reefs you can go to. If you want to learn how to scuba dive then come here. The cost is $199. Don't be afraid by the price because this is relativley cheap compared to others. If you already know how to scuba dive, then great! This location can ad to your list of places to dive at.

   4. Biltmore. Location: in the mountains near Ashville. This attraction is also one of my favorites beacuase it is an amazing site. It is one of the largest self owned mansions in the country. The house including all of the land with it is a total of 8,000 acres. That is a lot of land! There are tours of the entire house, spa's, winery's, lakes, rivers, and other activities you can do just on the property. You will never be bored here. Biltmore Estate has an Inn called the Biltmore Inn. You can stay there for a price starting at $199. I have to admitt that it is a rediculous price, but it is worth it for all of the stuff you can do here.

   5. Kitty Hawk. Ever heard of the Wright Brothers? If not they were the first to invent an airplane and attempt to fly in the air. After four years of hard work an experimentation, Wilbur and Orville Wright were able to achieve the first airplane flights in 1903. I went there as a kid and thought it was amazing. There was a mueseum and a huge memorial monument of the very spot of the first successful flight. It may be very dry and sandy but it was still an amazing site.

     Over all North Carolina is a great place to go to on summer vacation. There are so many sites to see and many activities to do that you will never find yourself laying around doing nothing. I hope that I have helped some people figure out what they want to do for a vacation and I hope that you will do these activities because North Carolina is the best!