Things To Do For Your GirlEver run out of ideas on how to keep your relationship sizzling? Well here are a few ideas that could rekindle that flame or explode the fire that has already been started.

1. A surprise picnic. Tell your girl you are planning a day out but don't tell her what is planned. Find the nicest park or beach in the area and take her there. A more secluded place is best. Somewhere with a gorgeous view would do fine. Make sure you have a soft blanket, champagne, and strawberries and you are all set for a nice relaxing day and guaranteed for a good night later!

2. A sure way to win a girls heart is to surprise her with a gift for no reason at all except to say "I love you and appreciate you". The gift could be as simple as flowers. Heck even go to your neighbours and raid the flower garden! Just make sure you don't tell her that! Now that is cheap.

3. Cook her a nice dinner over candle lite. No you can't order KFC! If you can't cook at least try. She will appreciate the effort! Put on nice slow music. Another nice touch is if you have a fire place and lay a blanket in front and have a picnic right there. Oh and don't forget to tell her how beautiful she looks in candle lite!

4. If you can, take her back to the place where you first met. Tell her this was the best day of your life! Even if it really wasn't.

5. Try and be romantic! I know it can be hard guys, but try. An easy way is to lite candles all over the bed room. At least 6 candles. When she comes home from work put on "your song". Lead her to the bedroom and she will be in "Aw". If you are any good there should be some "Oohs" as well.

6. A nice massage never fails! Full out body massage is best. Go to a spa and find some nice smelling massage oils. If you want they probably have some at Wal Mart. Wal Mart has everything! Start with the head and work your way down. If you have no clue how to massage, running your fingers gently all over her body will do. Make sure she is not too ticklish or you may get knocked out.

7. Leave an 'I love you' note. So when she wakes up it brightens her day. If she makes your lunch for you tell her all your buddies from work are jealous cause your lunch is always the best! If you don't like the lunches she makes, well make your own.

8. Make a nice warm bubble bath for her. An easy way to do this is add about 3 big squirts of shampoo to where the water comes out of the faucet. Make sure the water is quite warm but not too hot. Have this ready when she comes home from work. Poor her a glass of wine and have it sitting by the tub. Candle lite is always good too. You will definitely be in the good books. As long as the water is not TOO hot!

9. Tell her you love her a lot! At least once a day. Really this one should be common sense. Oh and if she asks how she looks in her jeans, always , I repeat ALWAYS, you reply 'you look fantastic!'.

10. Ask what she would like to do. Tell her you want her to plan a day for the too of you and you will do anything she wants. If it is shopping, well you suck it up and go shopping! Sorry about your budget.

Hope this helps guys!