Watch a movie

I would say movies are the universal form of entertainment. Why would you be bored if you probably have a small collection of DVDs sitting somewhere? You also have the internet which offers multiple streaming clients and legal downloads. There's the chance that you have cable with a decent movie channel or you can be  a lucky one and have a local cinema near you, though this boredom would cost you!

The variety of genres in movies is immense, there is a movie for every person. You can just sit back and enjoy a nice thriller, or go for a more dramatic story if you like seeing the misery of life reflected on the screen! You can also delve into the realms of the fantastic in medieval settings or futuristic dystopias! There is always the chance you might like musicals or documentaries, but you are bored remember?

Really, being bored is not an excuse when you have the wonders of movies everywhere around you. To make it even better, grab some popcorn and drinks and call some of your friends for a comedy session. When they arrive put in the Airplane! This type of sessions usually provides memorable afternoons!

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Do a series marathon

Similar to the first suggestion, though a little different. A marathon requires more free time and a higher level of boredom. However, if you have a free day and are home alone cursing the world for hating you, worry not, grab your DVDs of Friends, sit back and see the world with brighter lights!

TV Series usually have 4 main approaches to them: Drama, Investigation, Sci-Fi and Sitcom. The selection is wide and the offers even wider. Some sitcoms have some really large collections! But this might not be your cup of tea or you might get bored of so much gag! We don't want to bore you even more! So go drama! Pick up a Lost or a Jack Bauer DVD and embark in a continuous journey of twists and never-ending conspiracies!  

When you have chosen your TV Series, check on your shelters before buying it! You may already have it completed and never noticed it! If not, Ebay or Amazon it, or check the various streaming clients online and see if they can help you out.

Play a videogame

So you spent your last lonely day watching the Harry Potter saga and can't find the TV series of your dreams. Well look around your bedroom or living room, there's a high chance you'll find a PS2 lying around. So grab a Fifa or a Call of Duty and start kicking! (Or shooting).

If you are a lucky son of a gun you may own a PS3, x-box or high-end PC. The online possibilities with these are endless! You can download free games or play for free in some gaming sites. But those aren't very engaging are they?

So you don't have a system, your PC sucks and you liked the idea of playing a game to forget about your sad reality. For a few bucks you can order a PSone or Dreamcast and play the classics! Even better! Beware though, some of the classics are even more expensive than the new games... Tough luck.

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Read a book

You couldn't get into your girlfriend's Twilight DVD collection, How I Met Your Mother new episodes are getting boring and you don't have money to play video games. Fret not, I bet your house is full of books!

Reading a book is escaping reality, it's like entering a rabbit's hole where everything is magical and wonderful! Unless you picked up Franz Kafka, then your boredom may reach unimaginable levels. You don't buy books and your parents collections consist of this kind of literary torture, then check your old comics! You might find little wonders in your old boxes in the attic, from the times when Spider-man's identity was still a secret and no one knew who the Black Widow was. 

Books offer more variety than anything else, you just need to search for what is more appealing to your tastes. Even if you can't dig the classics or find the comics too childish, there is always a newspaper or magazine on the table. Win.

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Visit your city

The newspaper is outdated and the magazine only talks about Rihanna and Justin Bieber. This might project your boredom levels through the roof and may actually contaminate someone. Quick, dispose of those and get out of the house! Go for a stroll around your city!

Often one's own city has wonders to explore that tourists from the other side the world paid hundreds of dollars to visit see and you could care less! Guess what? Visit these places and you may actually have a good time or learn something! (Re)Discover your city and explore its secrets and legends, every place is bound to have some history associated to it.

Okay, you don't live in the city, but actually liked this idea. Well, then that means you must live in countryside. Even better! The countryside is beautiful, go walk through the plains, feel the wind in your face, lie down on the flowers and count the jumping rabbits. Watch as the bird fly by and squirrels play around you! If this is too beautiful and romantic for you go find an old dungeon to explore or something. 

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Prepare a nice meal

You don't live in the countryside and your city is as ugly as Mick Jagger. Well, since you have so much free time and are so bored why don't you go eat?

Since you are going to eat to feel something good in your life, take the plenty of unkillable time you have and prepare a nice meal or learn to cook! This is a good chance to learn a new recipe, and if you don't have any recipe books at home search the web, it's a big place! YouTube even shows you tutorial movies of how to do it step by step, you just have to get your hands dirty.

Cooking a good meal may prove to be a very satisfying and rewarding experience. This means you accomplished something in your life, and something tasty! Only I know how I felt when I prepared those scrambled eggs with salmon! You may find out your new skills and impress your soul mate. Be careful with the fats, though!

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So the end product of your cooking tasted like dead mice? Ew that's gross! Throw that crap out of the window, take a cereal box with you and go study!

Having free time or being bored is a good opportunity to study. Even if you are not a student there is always some subject of interest that you can learn more about. We live in a world that provides us with information at the distance of a click. You have to filter the information though.

You were always interested in the history of Egypt and its myths, so what are you waiting for? Go and see for yourself if the Pyramids were built by aliens. It's all out there.

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(Re)Organise your collections

You are actually a very knowledgeable person who knows practically all that is needed to know and do not require any study whatsoever. Well, being the awesome human being that you are you probably have an awesome coin collection, right? Or a figurine collection if you never grew up. Ouch. Why not take this infinite amount of free time that you have and combat the boredom within your soul by revisiting and organising your collections?

A coin collection is not an easy thing to organise! You have the dates in which the coins came out, their countries of origin, their value, etc. There are a lot of stats you could use to organise your coins. If you have a figurine collection, car collection, letter opener collection, or any other for that matter, there's always some small arrangings you could do, like positioning them in the direction of the sunrise or something. Or clean them. A collection outside boxes or shelters usually has so much dust you could build sand castles on them.

So you think collections are superfluous? Well you have a DVD collection don't you? Go rearrange them by year. Or by genre. Take a look at your DVD collection and tell me where the heck is The Shawshank Redemption in the midst of all that chaos? Sure, I'll watch Titanic on the TV while you search..



So, the groundbreaking reality is that none of the above suggestions can cure you of that boredom that curses your very being. Then discharge all that negative energy through physical exercise!

You don't need any money or any kind of tools to make exercise. You just need your body and the never-ending amount of free time you have on your hands. You can exercise outdoors through activities like jogging, biking, mountain climbing, swimming in the fountain, etc.

If you hate the sun and the creatures that walk beneath it, you can work out at home. You can try yoga and become the next spiritual guru of your neighbourhood. Or you can train martial arts (which is something I adore). There's just something about kicking the air. Who knows you'll be starring in Rush Hour 5.   


And you are so incredibly lazy that the very idea of exercising exhausts you. However, you are still bored and you have no idea what do do with your free time. Grab a pen and start to write! That's a little ancient isn't it? Grab your keyboard and start tackling those keys!

This doesn't mean you need to write a book (well you can). Writing can serve as a means to free yourself, to express feelings and highlight opinions. With the technology you have today, you can also write live, or chat with other people online as if you were talking with your fingers! Writing can be an escape and is an actual way of life for many.

So take this example and write something! Start with a letter, than a word and then a sentence! Well if it doesn't make sense you can erase it and try again. That's the beauty of it. But please make yourself and the world a favor, take this article as an example and don't write a list about things you could do when you're bored... That's plain BORING!