Note to the reader: the products in this article really exist. The suggestions in this article are meant to be humourous, and to give you ideas, not to actually be put into practice. In other words, don't try this at home! (Well, on the road, I mean.) However, these appliances may make your next camping trip or day on your boat a bit easier!

Do you feel sometimes like you're living in your car? With those long daily commutes to work, society is evolving, and people's lives are changing. Often we spend so much time in our cars that we can feel like we don't have time for many things that are important to us. But here are some handy devices that have been invented to make your life just a little easier!

Everyone pretty much knows by now that you can charge your cell phone in your car. And some of the more gadget-oriented of us may know about other things you can do with your car cigarette lighter, like running that old mp3 player. However, there are many advances in 12-volt technology that you may not be aware of—I found these things when I was trying to find a vacuum that ran off the car cigarette lighter, so that I wouldn't have to lug my full-sized vacuum out to the parking lot to clean my car. But here are ten things I am sure you have not yet thought about doing in your car . . . but you can, simply by plugging in an appliance to the cigarette lighter in your car!

10. Make fresh popcorn. That's right, there's an appliance that plugs into the car cigarette lighter that makes popcorn while you're driving. Imagine how great the drive-in movie would be with one of these babies! Don't worry, there's also an air purifier and a vacuum cleaner that you can run afterwards to get rid of the popcorn smell.

12V, Sauce Pan and Popcorn Maker
Amazon Price: $34.99 $21.79 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 5, 2015)
There's nothing like fresh popcorn, especially if you can still find a drive-in movie. However, if your vehicle has a DVD player, you can have your own private drive-in movie experience!

9. Cook stew, soup, chili or beans. Simply plug your slow cooker into your cigarette lighter and you're all set. Now you can cook for that pot luck dinner while you're driving on the way there—just imagine all the time you will save in the kitchen! (Oh, and there's a wet-dry vacuum that plugs into your cigarette lighter to clean up those spills, too!)

8. Make fresh coffee. No, not heat it, or keep it warm. Make it. In a pot. Now you can always have fresh coffee while you're driving, and there are coffee makers in any size from a single cup up to twelve cups. You'll be the hit of your carpool, and think of all the money and time you'll save by not having to stop off at the coffee place!

12 Volt Coffee Maker Mobile Portable 12v Coffee Mug Brewer (Includes Mounting Bracket)
Amazon Price: $59.99 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 5, 2015)
Because hot liquids have never, ever, spilled in a car and caused problems, right?

7. Cook breakfast. Need to be even more popular with your carpool? How about a frying pan so that you can make eggs and bacon while sitting at the stop light? Or get one of those annoying foodie colleagues of yours to make himself or herself useful, and instead of just talking about food, have him or her whip up some fancy omelettes for everyone.

6. Make margaritas and have your own private happy hour. If you thought you were a hit at breakfast with your carpool, just wait until you pull out your blender and plug it into your cigarette lighter. Don't forget the refrigerator/freezer/heater so that you can make ice for those folks who like frozen margaritas, or who prefer their martinis with ice-cold vodka.

5. Make appetizers or dinner. Either pull out the sandwich grill and plug it in, and treat everyone to paninis, or reach inside that freezer and heat up those little frozen quiches in your cigarette-lighter-powered oven. You can start the party long before you ever get there! Need to feed more people? How about making a pizza in your car's pizza oven?

Koolatron 401-596 White 12 volt Auto Grill
Amazon Price: $71.36 $40.82 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 5, 2015)
As one reviewer stated, "There's no law against cooking and driving." Hot meals on the go!

4. Entertain yourself. Your car didn't come with a built-in DVD player? No problem, thanks to 12-volt technology . . . plug in your portable TV and your portable VHS videocassette player, pull over to the side of the road, lounge in the backseat, and watch your favourite movies. Now, where did you put that popcorn maker?

3. Set the mood for romance. Mood lighting now comes in every colour of the rainbow. LED lights mean you won't run down your car's battery as fast as you might think, so drive around until you're low on gas before you head out to Lover's Lane. A little Barry White in the CD player, and you're completely prepared for a night to remember. 

2. Make yourself look good. So you didn't have time to primp before leaving the house? Or perhaps you need to rescue yourself from a bad hair day? With the portable hair dryer, curling iron, and shaver, you'll always have that just-groomed look!

1. Make yourself feel good. Pull over to the side of the road, plug in the heated massage cushion, recline your seat, and relax until your car battery goes dead.

Wagan IN9989 12V Infra-Heat Massage Magnetic Cushion with AC Adapter
Amazon Price: $59.95 $44.90 Buy Now
(price as of Aug 5, 2015)
Please, seriously, despite the reviews, don't ever use this and drive. Falling asleep in your car while driving could be deadly. Pull over to a safe place and enjoy this massage cushion responsibly.

There are many more 12-volt appliances that run off your car cigarette lighter, and in order to stash them all, you're going to need a bigger car (which you were just looking for an excuse to buy anyway, right?). The list of all the things you can plug into your car cigarette lighter is amazing, and some of the appliances will give you a good laugh! Have an appliance that isn't mentioned? Leave a comment (you need to register to leave comments, but registration is free) and let us all know about it!