10 Things You Must Do To Grow Your Business 

What are the top 10 things you must do to start or grow your business?

We list them here:


  1. Use social networking. You must have a Facebook page as a bare minimum. People who don’t even know how to use a computer to Google something know how to use Facebook and it’s great for reader engagement.
  2. Distribute a newsletter to your customers. With email, it won’t even cost you anything and will take no time at all but will still engage your customers and is a great platform to introduce new products or services. Just remember to make your newsletter 80 per cent for your reader’s enjoyment and 20 per cent for your marketing.
  3. Have business cards. With Vistaprint offering professional cards for less than $10, there is no excuse not to have these.
  4. Have a website. A simple website is all that is required. You can make your own with little skill required or pay someone to make one for you. Make sure you include a homepage, FAQ, blog, contact form and if you are selling online, a web store.
  5. Offer payment with a credit card. Now with PayPal being so easy to manage, you have no excuse not to offer this.
  6. Advertise – set an advertising budget and stick to it. Try your local classifieds in the paper or consider advertising on Facebook. Facebook has advertising budgets to suit everybody and you can target your audience based on demographics such as family and area.
  7. Network – tell everybody you know what you do and why you offer the best product and service. Make sure you keep your business cards with you at all times so when they start looking for you, they can find you.
  8. Make sure you are listed in the phone directory. This is often the first place people check as soon as they are looking for a service and don’t have somebody in mind.
  9. Get media attention. Write a press release and send it to your local newspaper or radio station. Make sure you have an angle example: “Top Five Reasons Your House Will Catch Fire” if you are selling smoke alarms and be sure to include the what, why, how, where and who.

10. Provide quality service and products; remember nothing beats word of mouth. People trust their friend’s opinions. 

If you have anything you think we missed. Please feel free to comment.