Before You Leave College

Life in the University is quite stressful and maybe, interesting. We all probably couldn’t wait for our Matriculation day. It was like our most memorable day at the time. I chose to write this article because I noticed and have discovered that we get ourselves too engaged in studying that we miss out some interesting things we should do while in school. Here are the 10 things.

1. Teach Someone Something

There must be something you know that someone else will like to know and sometimes can even pay to know. Anyway, the idea here is not the money part but the feeling it brings. It boosts yourself esteem and make you believe you are not worthless. On the other hand, if you think there is nothing you know enough to teach someone, learn one. For some of us, it is probably shyness and the soon you overcome your shyness, the better. After graduation, you may discover that as you move up your career, your job shifts toward teaching, counseling, training or consulting most times.

2. Read A Book That Is Out of Your Field

By the way, UNIVERS-ity was meant to make people UNIVES-al, i.e. broadly learned. I know you might be thinking, “My course load is more than will allow me do that!” I understand your situation. I have been there also. The truth however, is that you could still create time from your tight schedule to read a book from a field that is completely different from yours. Believe me, that time will not be enough to rob you of First class or Second class upper, as the case may be. On the contrary, this exercise will make you a better and more relevant graduate with a broader scope of knowledge.

3. Attend A Lecture That is Completely Out of Your Field, But That You’ve Always Been Fascinated By.

This is also related to the previous suggestion. I can’t tell you how many persons never practiced what they studied in school. Sometimes, we have this inner fascination for a course that is completely out of our field and sometimes, we end up discovering that is our passion. Many persons have dropped their certificates to pursue their passion. Though your purpose might not be to practice a different course from what you studied but to gain some knowledge on this different field since it catches your fantasy.

4. Apply For Jobs And Internships

The build-up of many university curricula has a deficiency in its scanty periods of practical. In some cases, you graduate without any real life experience of the current practice of your course of study. Taking part time jobs and applying for internships during your holidays can help you gain adequate knowledge. The not-too friendly side of it though, is that most companies pay nothing or little for your service. Whichever way, you earn experience which cannot be bought with money and after graduation you can include those experiences in your résumé and gain a competitive edge above your peers. Trust me on this, you will be glad you heed take these internships if you do.

5. Initiate a Standing Ovation, If You Think A Lecture Was Particularly Good

This is not about being a clown or a making a scene. After a class you think the lecturer did exceptionally well, try to instigate a standing ovation. However, don’t do it too often not to make it look like flattery. This shows how you appreciate a good fellow openly. After graduation, you might have to lead a team and knowing when and how to commend people is an essential team motivational skill to make your team more productive.

6. Buy a Gift For A Lecturer You Most Admire

This should not be taking as a form of bribe or a way of blocking the lecturer. Yes, lecturers can sometimes be very annoying and wicked, but there must be one lecturer you think is good on the average. When you present a gift without expecting any favour, you will definitely be admired by the recipient of your gift. It does not necessarily have to be an expensive gift. If the lecturer perceives you are doing it from a sincere heart and without any desire for a payback favour, he/she will appreciate the gift. The truth is that, though your intention of presenting the gift was not to get a favour, it could earn you a favour when you least expected it.

7. Find Out The Names of Those People You Know Far Too Well Not To Know Their Names

To be sincere with you, I missed this part and I regret I did. I can’t tell you how many times after graduation I’ve met persons who I knew so well whether in the faculty or department but never bothered to know their names. It can sometimes be awkward now trying to introduce yourself or getting to know them better. It might not be convenient but I think we should sometimes leave our shells to do things that are inconvenient but good. This can be helpful in building your communication and people skills which are crucial in the corporate world.

8. Mentor A Fresher

I know this can be difficult, so I may not necessarily mean mentor in the real sense of the word. All you might just have to do is maybe identify a fresher, possibly in your fellowship or club and preferably in your department. Share with him/her what you wish you had known when you were a fresher and how that knowledge would have made you better. Also identify other ways you can help him/her without inconveniencing yourself.

9. Invite Someone To Your Fellowship/Church

How well can you convince someone to spare some hours of their day to attend your fellowship? This is a way of developing your persuasion skills. Why do I need persuasion skills, I am not a marketer? You may want to ask. The truth is that even if you don’t become a marketer, in the long run, you might discover that we all end up marketing. For example, you need to market yourself appropriately for your employer to decide you are the best person for the job and if you are going to be an entrepreneur, you will have to market your products/services to remain in business. Whichever way, you end up marketing either a product, service or your skills. So before you graduate, make someone attend your church/fellowship and even more than developing your marketing skills, who knows, the person could get saved and that earns you a credit from God.

10. Learn A Skill

This one is a point you need to put close to your mind. No one ever wishes to graduate and not get a job but the truth is there are more graduates than the available jobs. This is the reason a lot of governmental and non-governmental organizations have been making a lot of campaigns on entrepreneurship. It is important that you put your holiday periods to a productive use by engaging in learning new skills that can be monetized. You will find this very useful and lucrative while you are waiting for your dream job.

I wish you the very best in your academic pursuits.