You know there are things that you are not supposed to do at work. Some of these rules are clearly communicated to the staff, others are not.

Here are ten tips to keep you out of hot water at work.

Fake your qualification

Don't claim you have a qualification when in fact you don't. You might get in the door and you might get the job, but at some time in the future you will be found out and dismissed.

Almost as bad as faking a qualification is faking a skill. If you can't do something don't lie about it on your resume or in the work place. Rather ask for support and do your best to quickly grasp what needs to be learned.

Take credit for other people's effort

The attitude to have in an office is a humble one. If you did not do any work on a project or only a small percentage, give credit to the person who deserves it. Not only is it the honourable thing to do, but you will gain that persons trust.

Put your watch away

Keeping an eye on the time during the day is not good for your morale and definitely not good for your career if you do it in front of your boss. People who clock out the moment it's 5pm have a smaller chance than someone who must be reminded to go home at 6pm to be considered for a raise or promotion.

When you are busy time flies, stay busy with your work and it won't be necessary to wait for the day to pass. It will simply fly past.


Don't flirt with your boss, co workers or clients. It's unprofessional and it might only last for a short period of time in protecting you in your job.

Compare workloads

Your employer appointed you to do certain work for them. They are paying you a monthly salary and expect you to work for them between certain times. During those hours your time belongs to your boss.

If he decides to give you more work than one of your colleagues, thank him and do it to the best of your ability. Complaining about it doesn't score you any points for a raise or promotion, but getting the job done does.


People who complain about every thing in their lives and their job, builds a reputation where colleagues at work don't want to work with them on projects. Complaining comes across as being negative and is destructive to the job at hand and your relationship with others.


Lying might seem to be easy way out and sometimes you can get far with lying. Continue to cover up your work failures with lying and your boss will put one and one together and realize that you are dishonest. Lying can eventually lead to a dismissal, so be very careful.


Talking behind a person's back might seem tempting, but this type of office politics only splits a team who should be working together. Remember that the same person gossiping with you today, might be gossiping about you tomorrow.


Don't steal company time. The company are paying you and if you are not working you might be stealing time. Personal business can be done during lunch breaks, although doing something personal during the work day is acceptable as long as you get back to working as soon as possible.

Burn your bridges

Build bridges with people rather than burning them. This enlarges your network and helps you build your network. Burning a bridge might be an easy solution today, but in a couple of months you might need that person again. Think into the future before you burn that bridge, that person might be your next boss.