Things Not to Miss When Visiting Mumbai

Mumbai is one the biggest tourist attractions of India. It not only attracts domestic tourist but also tourists from around the world. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Mumbai, which is also known as the city that never sleeps nor stops, is a must visit city in India. So no matter if you are a foreigner or an Indian visiting the city first time, the memories you will take away from here will be the ones you will cherish all your life.

Now because it is a huge and populated city, you will never be able to experience it completely in 10 to 15 days. These are the things you must do when you visit Mumbai.

Having a Walk at Marine Drive(Chowpatty)

Marine Drive is a place every person living in Mumbai has at least visited more than a hundred times. It is a place that provides peace of mind in a fast city like Mumbai. Though this beach is nowhere near when compared to the beaches of Sydney or Malaysia, it is a whole different kind of a feeling here. From college students to daily joggers, this place of the city is always populated. The sunset view is great as usual.



Wandering Around the Streets of Chor Bazaar and Colaba Causeway

Chor Bazaar(literal translation in english is 'thief's market') and Colaba Causeway is one of those areas where you would roam all day long and never get tired. Chor Bazaar is a place I'd rather not recommend buying anything from but it is a certainly a unique experience. You'll get everything secondhand and yes, probably stolen new items at real low prices. Once i had even seen a person selling a $250 Samsung mobile phone for $35 dollars. Though you should not buy anything from this's still worth a visit.

Colaba Causeway is again a street market famous for traditional handicrafts and local items. Colaba is one of the posh areas of Mumbai and features everything from five-star Hotels to real expensive coffee-houses. You can buy different kind of items from here. 


Seeing a Bollywood Movie

Cinemas theatres are everywhere in Mumbai. Bollywood is the indian film industry and is booming at a great pace. Mumbai is the heart of Bollywood. If you are an Indian traveller, it is most obvious that you have seen a Bollywood movie but if you are a foreigner and haven't, then you must see one now. Bollywood films are action packed with a lot of fighting scenes and filled with extra emotional drama.


Hot and Delicious Street Vada Pavs

Vada Pavs is the most prominent(and cheap) street food available nearly everywhere in Mumbai. It is made up of bread with potato-fried filling with different types of chutneys. Locals here have this almost everyday as a light snack. Though it is spicy and tasty, health conscious people generally stay away from them. If you are a traveller, you'v got to taste them once. 


Watching Live Cricket

Everyone knows India loves cricket. Mumbai is home to many international cricketers including Sachin Tendulkar(regarded as the Pele of football and Schumacher of F1). People play cricket not only in public grounds but also in local streets. Visit anyone of the public grounds and you will see people playing cricket and only cricket. Some play the sport for fun, others play it professionally. 

Because Cricket is not very popular throughout the world it might just be a new experience for you. You could even try bowling or batting. It is an interesting game and people in India have a known passion about it.

Antila (World's Most Expensive House)

Okay, now this isn't a visiting place because you cannot enter it by any means. It is the residence of the chairperson and founder of Reliance Industries Limited, Mukesh Ambani and his family. It is a 27 storey building and a storey in this building is equal to two average floors. It includes a staff of 600 people to maintain the building and its approximate cost is more than $1 Billion. Yes, you heard it right and though this building is nothing great from outside, I guess it's the best house one can get from inside.


Taj Mahal Palace and the Gateway of India

Again in Colaba are situated two biggest attractions of Mumbai. Facing each other are, Taj Mahal Palace, which is a 5 star hotel, and the Gateway of India which is famous monument build by the Britishers. This whole area is full of local and international travellers. The hotel has hosted many renowned guests including The Beatles, Brad Pitt and Angelina Joie, the Obama family, Oprah Winfrey and many more. No doubt this hotel is as expensive as it can get, foreign travellers can generally afford it better because of Rupee losing ground against the foreign currency.


 Did I miss anything? Please comment about it below.