One of the great pleasures of life is having good friends! But how do you make new friends? Is there a way to keep your friends? Where can you go to find a good friend? Here are ten good tips on how to make good friends and keep them!

The kind of friends you will want and need

An old proverb says: "A friend is loving at all times and becomes a brother in times of trouble." (Proverbs 17:17, The Bible in Basic English) Those are the kind of friends we all want.

What is a true friend?

A true friend is someone that you can truly trust. It is someone that won't deliberately hurt you, someone that will help you if they can, someone that will commend you and support you when you are doing well and that will correct you when they see you are about to make a mistake.

Who should you choose as friends?

You should choose someone that has your best interests at heart. A real friend will look after your back! And he will not be one to stab you in the back. So choose your friends carefully. Be selective! You can be friendly with all, but not all are acceptable as close friends. It's up to you to choose your friends carefully and wisely as they will have an effect and influence on your life.

When should you get rid of some friends?

Let go of the ones that don't care enough for you to be there when you really need them. Let go of the ones that are leading you into harmful activities.

How can you make good friends?

It's very easy to make friends. Just smile at people and say a friendly greeting. Make a comment about the weather or about something that is happening in the vicinity. Then if you want to have that person as a friend, just cultivate it, by taking an interest in that person.

Where can you go to make good friends?

You want to have friends with whom you have things in common. So go where people that share your interests are found. If you like baseball, go to a baseball field, join a baseball club, etc. If you are interested in a healthy lifestyle, then look for groups or clubs or places where such people are found. Remember, birds of a feather flock together! Look for places where you think you would find people that share your interests.

Don't expect too much from your friends!

If you expect too much of your friends then you might be disappointed.Don't be too critical of your friends either. No one is perfect and a good friend doesn't have to be perfect.

We all want these kinds of friends.

We all want loyal, trustworthy, reliable and dependable friends. How can we have and keep these kind of friends? By being this kind of friend yourself! To have good friends, be a good friend! The more you give, the more you will receive.

Try to have a variety of friends!

Some people say we only need a few friends. From my own experience, I say widen out and have as many friends as possible, because you have many interests and needs, and no single person can be the end all and be all. Let's say you like fishing, you would need friends that like fishing. If you like bowling, then you need friends that like bowling. If you have friends that like both fishing and bowling, then that's even better! Variety is the spice of life and so spice up your life with a variety of friends!

Make God your best friend!

Why? There is no better friend then God. He cares for you and wants the best for you. He'll be there when all others won't or can't be there. He'll never desert you. He's never too busy. He is always close at hand, just a prayer away, day or night.

In conclusion, if you follow these guidelines you will always have many good, loving, and caring friends. You will always be rich whether you have a lot or whether you have nothing. Because someone that has good friends, has riches that cannot be compared to anything else!

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