If you’ve caught yourself in a predicament where you need to find the best route to beating depression and don’t want to start with therapy or prescriptions you may wish to find some of the best ways to beating depression naturally. Here are some of the first things you should try to shake the dark clouds that have been following you around lately:

Get out and about

Though this can often be one of those things that is easier said than done it is one of the best steps a person can take to beating depression naturally. Sitting in a home day in and day out can really start to put a damper on a person’s mood. If you even just get out for a drive you may be on the road to beating depression.

Make some new friends

There can be nothing harder than making a friend when you’re battling with beating depression. But it’s not unusual for a person to feel lonely or misunderstood by a group they’ve been hanging around with for some time. A new face and a new prospective can be a great way to start beating depression naturally. Take baby steps with it and tell yourself that you’re going to call that person who wanted to go to lunch even if you don’t meet up.

Improve your diet

Believe it or not what you eat can really help you on the road to beating depression naturally. It is one of the last places we tend to look when wishing we could do something about the way we feel and get some improvement, but changing some of the items that go into our body is a sure fire way to beating depression. Eating a lot of sugar can make a person have constant ups and downs which only increases the bad feelings they have.

Get an endorphin release

Endorphins are a hormone that is found in the body that increases feelings of happiness. Getting these released is one of the quickest ways to beating depression and beating depression naturally. Because of this it can be one of the simplest ways to improving your general health. The best way to do this is with good, healthy exercise. This can also be quite difficult to do if you’re in a state of depression. One of the best ways to get started is with the five minute rule. Promise yourself that you’ll just walk around the block for five minutes, or you’ll do some yard work for five minutes. Chances are once those five minutes are up you‘ll still be moving around and on your way to feeling better.

Do something that raises your self-esteem

Maybe it’s going to be purchasing a new outfit, or perhaps getting a new haircut is the best way for you to start beating depression naturally. Perhaps getting your house significantly clean and organized is going to be the best route to beating depression. Feeling better about yourself is going to be a unique perspective for everyone. Some will want to lose weight; some would like to go to a class. Whatever it is, get out there and shake things up a bit so that you can start remembering the unique, fun individual that you are.


Another great step to beating depression is to get some laughter in whenever possible. This may mean a night out with some friends who always manage to put a grin on your face. Another step to adding laughter and beating depression naturally is renting some gut busting comedies. Try ones that you are familiar with for starters. If this isn’t what you wish to start with then head out for a night at your locally comedy hub. Laughter is another easy way to get those endorphins coursing through your body.

Join a group

Beating depression without some assistance can sometimes be too big of a responsibility. The best way for you to start beating depression naturally may be with a church group or another group of friendly, family oriented people who are willing to listen to you. It’s not unusual for a person to just need to be really heard in order to start feeling better about some of the things that are bringing them down. Even if you don’t know what it is that is keeping you feeling worse than you should, getting out and meeting with a group of individuals that care about you will help you get a perspective.

Keep moving

Beating depression naturally may mean learning how to keep busy at all costs. For some of us, keeping moving and getting small goals accomplished everyday can be a great step in the direction of beating depression. If you feel a funk descending it may be the perfect time to set about getting that closet that has always been a problem zone finally organized and looking great. It could be the time to get those kitchen cupboards a fresh coat of paint.

Play music

Play some great tunes and start beating depression with some happy music. If you’re less than happy it isn’t the time to turn on blues music. It’s a much better time for those tunes that make you want to dance even on a rainy day. If the mood strikes to dance then by all means do so. That will just help in beating depression naturally that much quicker.

Become thankful

This may seem like the most unusual suggestion when you’re not feeling at the top of your game, but being grateful for the things you have can sometimes put you in a good state of mind to be realistic about things that are getting you down. Take the time to get a list and start jotting down all the things that you have going on that are positive. You have a roof over your head is the best starting point, especially when there are so many people who are homeless. You are not suffering from hunger. Start with the basics and work out from there.