Christmas Tree With PresentsCredit: Melissa BrownCredit: Melissa Brown

If you plan on decorating a Christmas tree this Christmas season, then you don't have much further to look if you're searching for ideas. There are loads of great ideas that you can choose from if you just take the time to look into them! And, so, here they are! Several tree decorating tips just for you!

1. Think Of It In Layers

Instead of looking at tree decorating as one whole big project—look at it layer by layer. Naturally, what goes on the first layer? The second? These are things that we all know—because we've all had to do them. However, when you don't break it down, it makes it seem like an even bigger project than it really is. Break it down into these small steps and THEN take the time to figure out which of the steps you need to take first. It makes decorating a Christmas tree that much easier for you!

2. Use What You Have

With the tough economic times that we are facing, you might find it hard to find a bunch of ornaments if you don't have any or if yours were broken. So, use what you have. All that you need is the hooks. One year, a family had just moved into a new home and they didn't have anything for Christmas. They were really running short as far as money was concerned and so the oldest daughter in the family looked around and found two things to put on the Christmas Tree—GI Joe doll guns, and paintbrushes. The mom knew how to crochet and so she made several yarn snowflakes and a few chains to go around their tree. They were able to buy one small box of ornaments—but, for the most part, they used what they had and there were absolutely no complaints! (Well, except the stepdad discovering that his Bluetooth had found its way on the tree—not that he ever used it.) Decorating a Christmas tree doesn't have to be expensive—that's one of the most important tree decorating tips to remember!

3. Don't Be Afraid To Check Out Discount Stores

Discount stores are a lot better than they come across as. Just because it came from a discount store doesn't mean it is any less worthy of decorating your Christmas tree—not by any means! Most of the time, a Christmas is just overstock anyways. So, when you're looking for tree decorating items, take one of the best tree decorating tips and check at the discount stores. It saves you money and it still looks good!

4. Find The Best Tree Type For Your Home

There are a few different types of trees that you can choose from. Unfortunately, pine is not the best choice. It tends to grow more brittle, loses more needles (that's always fun to pick up...if you like cleaning everything and trying to make sure your cat doesn't eat the needles), and just doesn't do the same job that other evergreens do. So, do your research. One of the best tree decorating tips regarding the actual tree is to take the time to find the best Christmas tree for you to decorate! This is just one of many Christmas tree decorating tips.

5. Be Neat

If you just threw everything away or into a box after using it, then you're already on your way to a Christmas disaster. Let's be serious—how many people can honestly say that after they have decorated a tree they put everything away carefully? Unfortunately, not many. This also makes it harder to take everything out and decorate. Which is why another one of the tree decorating tips is to simply put everything away carefully and make sure it has its own place! Too many Christmas tree decorating tips completely ignore this.

6. Check To See How “Fresh” Your Christmas Tree Is

It is easy—just see how easily a branch breaks. This might sound weird—but it is a great way to find out how long your tree has been cut and also helps you to pick one that won't end up snapping and leaving your Christmas tree broken in the middle of your living room. This, like the above tree decorating tips, is often overlooked. When you're decorating a Christmas tree, you NEED to keep this in mind in order to ensure that you get your money's worth.

7. Check And Replace Your Bulbs

Before you start decorating a Christmas tree, you need to check over the bulbs and find out how many are out and how many are close or need replacing. You'll also need to take the time to replace them and make sure that your new bulbs work as well—to make sure there isn't a short somewhere. Tree decorating tips aren't hard to follow, but this one can be a tiny bit tedious.

8. Proportion

There are a few ways to work with the proportion of your tree while decorating a Christmas tree. You can choose to do one of two things. First, you can have your larger ornaments at the bottom of the tree, which always looks fairly nice. Or, you can instead alternate between large ornaments, medium, and small ones make sure to also balance your colors—you don't want too many of one kind in one area. This is just one of many great tree decorating tips that you can use.

9. Go For Themes

You can do a theme like the GI Joe one above, or you can choose something else if it suits you. Whatever you choose, make sure that when you're decorating your Christmas tree that you try to stick to it. However, this is one of those tree decorating tips that you don't have to adhere to too closely. Oftentimes, the best looking tree is the one that someone winged.

10. Have Fun!

Decorating a Christmas tree should not be a difficult task, nor one that isn't fun. Make sure that YOU take the time to have fun. It is one of the best tree decorating tips you can follow!