Being frugal and economical does not mean you are cheap, you are simply purchasing Christmas gifts for your loved ones without spending all of your saving or maxing out your credit cards.

Sure, giving away something really tacky like the cheapest chocolate bar available or similar is cheap.To avoid being Mr. or Mrs. Cheap this holiday season, here are some tips that will help you find the best Christmas gift possible without spending all your savings or maxing out your credit cards.

The first thing to do is to make a Christmas shopping list where you write down the names of everyone you want to give a Christmas present to and how much you are willing to spend money per present.To make things a bit easier when shopping I recommend writing down a few ideas on the list as well because you will most likely know what the person likes, what hobbies he/she has and so on.You do not have to purchase Christmas gifts to everyone you know, just write down all the important persons in your life.

If you are looking to save money this Christmas, then you should consider making homemade gifts.Most people like receiving them, especially those they can use.If your mother likes cooking, why not give her a self-complied cookbook with all her favorite recipes.

Use your talents, if you are good at something use it to your advantage and give away something really special.For instance, make a scrapbook and include photos and funny memories.The whole family can enjoy looking at photos and sharing memories on the holidays. You can also take one-of-a-kind pictures of your family and have them framed.

If you are a musician, why not compose a special song for your loved ones.

Flea markets and garage sales are often the best places to find unique gifts for a reasonable price.

If you have a tight budget you can also consider giving the same gift to everyone like, cookies, candy or cakes.They will surely appreciate this.

You can save money by wrapping up your Christmas gifts in old newspapers, just make sure it has not turned yellow or have stains on it.When you are recycling gift wrapping paper like this, make sure there are no bad comments on it regarding your Christmas gift.

Perhaps the best tip for purchasing Christmas gifts is to purchase them during the whole year, instead of the last minute when everyone else is shopping.You will save money when buying out of season and can be sure you will get what you are looking for.

There are many ways you can be frugal when it comes to purchasing Christmas gifts, it is also known that there is a New year´s sale every year where you will get huge discounts.Perhaps you could buy some of the presents after Christmas?

Sometimes the best present to give someone is just to be there.