10 Tips On Acting

10 Tips On ActingCredit: Free Stock Photos


10 Tips On Acting

Everyone needs help. One of the biggest lessons I have learned in my life is you are not great by your self.

People who do wonderful things have a team around them that helps them succeed. With that in mind, I want you to look at these tips as someone from your team giving you advice with a list of things to work on.

If you take the advice it can really help you in your quest to become a better actor. Simply take the list and practice the things that can be practiced and carry out the things that need to be done in performances or before.

Things To Know

It is important to know what you are doing even before you begin. Here is a nice article on understanding what is drama.

Here Are The Tips

  1. Read - There are so many books out there that I could suggest to you. The most important ones in my opinion are the ones that transcend time by offering the reader a look at how to act and find the emotions with in from external study. Constantin Stanislavski's book An Actor Prepares is a great look on how to look at finding a characters true being through outward study and actions. Also, Lee Strasberg's A Dream Of Passion is another good one to read. The more you know about your craft, the more you will be prepared for anything.
  2. Prepare - One of the most overlooked actions an actor can take is preparing for an audition. If you are not ready, how can you seize the moment when it comes. The key to preparing is having a good 3 to 5 audition pieces ready to go. Here is a good article to read about know what a teen should audition as
  3. Have 3 to 5 Audition Pieces - This is really something that all serious actors should have ready to go. 3 to 5 audition pieces will help you be ready for what ever situation arises. You should include something modern, classical, Shakespearian, and something unique.
  4. Warm Up Before Each Performance - Warming up is critical to a good performance. Whether you are going to audition or about to go on stage, warming up your voice and body will help you be at peak performance
  5. Less Is More - When performing, less is always more. If you feel that you are doing way to much for a role, you probably are. Try to do less with your character and more will come out.
  6. Film Yourself - A great way to see yourself in action is to record yourself. A lot of people say stand in front of a mirror but I have found that you cannot see your movement if you are in front of a mirror. If you record yourself, at least you can look at your movement. This will allow you to fix any errors with your movement.
  7. Memorize With A Tape - If you are having trouble memorizing your lines, get a recorder and record yourself saying your lines. Then, play it over and over again until you can say the lines in your sleep. Play it in the car when you are driving, when you are in bed, even when you are taking a shower. Just play it when ever you can.
  8. Open Up - Another common mistake I see actors make is they forget to open up to the audience. When you are on stage, you should be facing the audience all the time. You can turn 3 quarters out to the audience and still be able to face the person you are talking to onstage. What ever you do, don't turn your back on the audience.
  9. Project Your Voice - Nothing is worse than going to a play and not being able to hear the actors. Your first job as an actor is to make sure the audience hears the words that the playwriter wrote. You do not need to yell your lines, but you do need to project your voice so everyone in the theatre can hear you. This is mainly for those playhouses that do not have an audio system.
  10. Move Around - This last tip is a conditional one but important none-the-less. Your director will usually give you blocking instructions so you will know where to go and when. But it is important to move around and not just stand still. If all you do is say your lines standing in one spot it will be very boring. I am not telling you to run across the stage. I am simply saying that loosen up and move your body. You may not even have to leave the spot you are standing, but you do need to show some sort of movement. Use your arms, head, legs, or whatever you have in your hand. Just move.

These are 10 things that you can do to help you act a little better. If you have any suggestions, please leave them so we all can see.

Thanks, Cheers!