Here's how I found motivation to exercise

Best motivation to exercise tips and bonus tips

10. Think of bumping into old friends or acquaintances. How will your physical appearance be when you see them. Will you be proud of yourself or will you want to hide... This is one of the best motivators.


9. Make it fun. If you're not motivated to exercise, maybe your exercise routine is just not fun enough. Do you find yourself bored when you exercise. A good trick to stay motivated is to pick a physical activity that you are excited about... something fun like beach volleyball or whatever else you can think of.


8. Understand why you want to exercise. Everyone has different reasons for why they want to exercise. What are your reasons? Maybe you're in it for the health benefits? Maybe, you'd like to exercise because you want to lose weight or gain muscle to look better in a swimsuit. Whatever the reason is you want to exercise, remember it anytime you are losing motivation...


7. Make it part of your routine! One great way to make exercise a part of your routine is to make it a habit. Every single day at the same time of the day, exercise! For example, you can go for a half hour walk every day after dinner. Once it becomes a habit, it will be ingrained in your subconscious mind and you wont lack motivation to do it as much anymore.


6. Remember how you feel when you do exercise as opposed to how you feel when you don't. I know that when I exercise, I feel like I've accomplished something productive and I've gotten closer to my fitness goals. When I don't exercise, I feel unsuccessful and I just don't feel right. So when you are lacking motivation, remember how you'll feel about yourself if you do or don't exercise.


5. Lead by example. Think of the example you are setting for your peers, your family, your friends, etc... Are you a good example? or a bad example when it comes to exercise? If you commit to exercising every single day, you will get fitter and people will begin to look up to you and come to you for advice.


4. Confidence and members of the opposite sex. Our fitness and physical appearance really affects our levels of confidence. Not only that but once we are fitter, members of the opposite sex naturally gravitate more towards us. Maybe it's the extra confidence, maybe it's the physical appearance in itself... whatever it is, it works! Try it for yourself. I remember when I first lost all my extra weight, I had so much attention from the women around me! It was great!


3. Add more resistance. We've talked about how you might be bored with your workout and we've suggested you try fun activities. Here is another tip, try something more challenging than what you're used to. If you've walked for the past couple of months and it's become too easy for you, that's another reason you might be bored with your workout. Try jogging instead. It's more challenging and everyone enjoys a new challenge!


2. Read about fitness and exercise. If you continue to read articles like this one about fitness and exercise, etc... you'll notice that you will get a little boost of motivation to improve your own fitness and exercise regimen. It works! Think of it this way: Monkey see, monkey do. When we see others in great shape or read about them, we tend to want to improve our own lot too. It's as simple as that.


1. Just do it! This is a simple tip that always works for me. When I don't feel motivated, I just take it one step at a time. I go and grab my exercise shoes and I put them one. Step 2, I get out of my house and go for a walk. You just have to take the first step and the rest take care of itself.


Here are some bonus tips:


1. Read other people's success stories. There are websites on the internet that are entirely dedicated to other people's fitness success stories. Read about others who have gone from obese to beach-ready. The idea here is to get inspired for success. I know that is what worked for me and got me on my fitness path. It really shakes things up and gives you that little boost you need to get started.


2. Dream big. Don't limit yourself to looking better... think big! really big! set a huge goal for yourself. This will really motivate you. For instance, set the goal that you will be in better shape than you've ever been your whole life. Whether you're 20 or 50, this goal is possible for you. I especially recommend this for older men and women. Imagine if you could whip yourself into shape like you never have before. How proud of yourself will you be when you're in better shape now than you were in your 20s.


3. Use music. When you listen to music as you exercise, the experience is just a lot more enjoyable. No matter what you're doing, if you add a little music, you'll notice that you'll exercise a little harder and a little longer. Also, your desire to exercise will increase for next time because you associate more good feelings with exercise.


4. The carrot on the stick - use rewards! Using rewards is an effective approach to staying motivated. For example, you could kill to birds with one stone by rewarding yourself for a full week of exercise with a fitness magazine. This will motivate you in two ways, you'll want to earn your fitness magazine every week and the fitness magazine alone will help give you more ideas on how to get in better shape.


5 .Write about fitness and exercise! I always feel so much more motivated to improve my exercise routine and my fitness when I write about it. I've already lost nearly 25 pounds so far and I'm losing a little more every single week. When you write about exercise and fitness either on your blog or on a site like InfoBarrel or even in your own personal journal, you'll notice that it will motivate you to keep going.


I hope you enjoyed this article. If you're still not motivated yet, maybe this will help: GET YOUR BUTT OFF THE COUCH, TURN OFF THE COMPUTER, AND EXERCISE!