Get To Your Weight Loss Goal Faster With Our 10 Best Tips.


MacGyver was well known for his resourcefulness and using his knowledge to get out of situations. By applying what science has told us about diet and weight loss and common sense you too can replicate his exploits.  


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You will not need to starve yourself or be hungry all the time. By simply being more aware of what you eat, cutting down on your saturated fats and sugar, getting more vegetables and fruit regularly you’ll be a step ahead.  


10 Of The Best:  


1. The Power Of The Written Word  


Keep a record of all the things you eat and drink that contain calories, it doesn't matter what it is: WRITE IT DOWN. This is not a calorie counting exercise. The act of writing everything down will help you to see what you've eaten but also when you've had high calorie foods that can hamper your final goal.  


2. Hitting the Start Button On The Microwave Is Not Cooking  


Ditch the pre packaged dinners and microwave meals and make your own. Your 3 minute microwave meal is full of sugar and salt that will have you craving more.  


3. Natures Colourful Bounty  


Every main meal must contain at least two serves of vegetables (potatoes don't count), or a large salad with a low fat dressing (which is also very easy to make). The more leafy green vegetables the better. Vegetables as well as adding colour to the plate, help to fill you up and meet your body's needs for vitamins and minerals. They also go a long way to reducing cravings.  


4. Not All Fats Are Bad  


Reduce the amount of saturated fats in your diet. And because you have cut out the packaged foods it's simpler than you think. When cooking, measure the oil you use so you can use less. Look at spreading butter a little more thinly. You can switch to low fat milk which also has the added benefit of more calcium. Before cooking trim the fat you can see from your meat, and don't eat the skin.  


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5. A White Addictive Substance  


If you want a sweet treat limit it to three times a week. The powerfully addictive nature of sugar can make life difficult at first but as time goes on you will appreciate the sweet taste of fruit and vegetables, and reap the benefits in your waistline.  


6. Indulgence  


Spoil yourself with fresh fruit. When compared to the unhealthy desserts we like to eat, grapes, cherries, mangoes and bananas are a delicious alternative. Chop them up and add them to a natural yogurt or a plain greek yogurt.  


7. Can A Carrot Really Satisfy?  


Grab a carrot, grate it, snack sorted. Want some more flavour add a chopped apple. By grating the carrot it takes longer to eat than a whole one and this makes it more satisfying.  


8.  Enjoy Meal Times  


Pick food that you can chew, and eat it slowly, and put down your fork between bites. Try brown rice instead of white, whole fruit instead of juicing it, and pieces of whole food in your soup. This added fiber will make you feel full and help the body to get rid of waste, and chewing will give you a more satisfied feeling about your meal.  


9. Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail  


Plan your meals and do the same for shopping. Be proactive to make a list of what you will need, and stick to it. To avoid lapses when shopping, never go shopping on an empty stomach. Another option is to order online and have it delivered.  


10. Eating Is Best Enjoyed In A Relaxed Environment  


When you eat, just eat. Try and sit at the table, even if it's just a snack. Avoid eating while doing other things like watching TV, driving, reading or checking email. When eating with others try and keep the conversation light or humorous, avoid heavy or emotional topics. Arguing or getting wound up does nothing for digestion and adds more stress to your body. This kind of anxiety can hamper your weight loss goals.  


And Finally....


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There is no reason why you can't have the same success that MacGyver did at the end of every TV episode when it come to your weight loss goals.  By using the tips outlined above you'll be well equipped to deal with any situation.