The Los Angeles International Airport, popularly known as LAX, is the largest and busiest airport in the state of California, as well as the seventh busiest airport in the world, serving millions of passengers each year. Traveling through LAX airport can be an overwhelming experience. But if you come prepared, the experience shouldn't be too traumatizing. Here are 10 smart traveler tips to remember when you're next traveling through LAX.

1. Know what you can and can't bring
Visit the Los Angeles World Airports website before you leave to see an updated list of what you are and aren't allowed to bring on your flight. Most items are permitted, so long as place them in your luggage. As for carry-on bags, you obviously can't bring any kind of weapon. You're allowed liquids, gels and aerosols, provided they come in containers 3oz. or smaller. Common lighters are no longer banned, but torch lighters are still prohibited.

2. Leave gifts unwrapped
In case security needs to check the inside of gift boxes, leave them unwrapped. You never know if a metal item is going to set off alarms. Saving the airport officials the trouble of unwrapping the gifts will save you time (not to mention wrapping paper).

3. Avoid wearing metal
Save the jewelry for when you get off the plane. Wearing excessive jewelry and metal accessories will only result in you having to walk back and forth between the metal detectors multiple times.

4. I.D. Tags
LAX is a huge place, with hundreds of people walking around the various terminals at any given time. Placing ID tags on all of your luggage is essential to not losing it.

5. Print passes electronically
Avoid having to wait in lines to get your boarding pass by printing it out at home. Just visit the airline's website to get the boarding pass electronically.

6. Shared transportation
Avoid dealing with LA traffic yourself by using public or shared transportation. Ride the FlyAway airport buses that leave from Union Station and Van Nuys. There are also the Metro Green Line train, the public busses, cabs and airport shuttle vans.

7. Cell Phone Waiting Lot
If you're just picking up passengers and don't want to deal with parking at LAX, you can wait at the LAX Cell Phone Waiting Lot. When your passenger arrives, they can call you and you can swing around to the terminal curbside to pick them up. You can also park for two full hours, free in Economy Lots B and C.

8. Passenger drop off
If you're just dropping off a passenger, you can do so for free at the drop-off/pick-up zones at terminal curbside. Be sure not to idle or park at these zones, however.

9. Off-site Parking
If you know you're going to be at the airport for a while, you can save a few dollars by using off-site parking. Off-site parking lots provide free and quick airport shuttle service and charge a lot less for long term parking than the airport lots.

10. Arrive early
LAX is big. Finding your terminal, getting your pass, passing through security and walking to your gate can take a good deal of time. Arrive at least two hours early. It will give you plenty of time to do everything you need without getting more stressed out than you have to.