Many of the writers here on InfoBarrel are trying to make some extra money online by writing in their spare time. I, too, lead a very busy life between working full-time and helping to raise (and transport) 6 kids. The demands on my time seem endless. So, how do I find the extra time to write for content sites like InfoBarrel? Here are several tips and tricks that I use to maximize the use of my time while developing an online passive income stream.

  1. Write while eating breakfast
  2. Write while eating lunch
  3. Write while eating dinner

Are there ever any times that you are eating alone, for example before everyone else is awake? Do you have time at work that you could write during lunch? Use that time when you are eating alone to get some writing done. Just don't spill on your computer.

  1. Write while waiting for appointments
  2. Write while waiting for kids

How many times during the day do you find yourself waiting for someone? The dentist, a meeting at work, soccer practice. Use that time for writing and building your online income. You don't have to carry a computer. You could jot down ideas or outlines in a notebook that you keep with you at all times.

  1. Get up 30 minutes earlier
  2. Go to sleep 30 minutes later

If it is really important to you to develop online income, then maybe you just might get up a little earlier a few days during the week. Even just 2 days each week gives you an extra hour which may be enough time to write two online articles or blog posts. This article will take me about 20 minutes to write primarily because I can't type as fast as some people. But over the next three years, it may very well earn me $20 or much, much more. Who knows? To me it seems worth it.

  1. Write in the car

I spend a lot of time in the car, about 2 hours each day. I don't type, but I do compose and come up with ideas in my head. During long trips, have someone else drive. We have a device that plugs into the cigarette lighter and converts the power to conventional electricity. I plug in my computer and type away building a passive income stream.

  1. Write while watching TV
  2. DVR Shows and skip commercials

A lot of us spend too much time in front of the TV when we could be doing something more productive. I have found that the typical hour show can be watched in 45 hours by skipping the commercials. Many sports, like baseball and football, have lots of time when nothing is happening. It is easy to turn off the commentators and write during that time. I choose to DVR football games and can watch a four hour game in about an hour. That gives me three hours for writing which means anywhere from 3 to 10 articles putting money into my pocket eventually.

I am sure that if you analyze your day, you will find many wasted minutes which could be put to good use toward securing additional income. I plan on eventually being able to make hundreds of dollars per month through my online content. The key is being able to get the articles written and published. By finding and using wasted time, I am one step closer to my goals. You can do the same thing and start making more online income today.