10 Tips for Overcoming Anxiety, Stress and Burnout Naturally

Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout needs not to be complicated. There are a number of ways you can do either alone or with your loved ones, all naturally.

1. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Go to the nature

Take a walk in a park nearby, admire the view silently and stop any thoughts related to your problem. Surrounding by the Mother Nature can set you a peaceful mind easily. You can do it all by yourself or with your loved ones.

2. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Look out of the window

If you have just finished a stressful work, you should simply move your sight out of the window to take a look at the scenery outside. Your heart beat will be slower and you would feel much


more relaxed in just a minute.

3. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Listen to the sound of nature

If you keep a pet bird, you are lucky that you can always listen to its chirps which can lower your stress level and raise your level of happiness. Listening to a recording of the sound of sea waves or breeze can do the same, too, and you can do it even listen to is while driving.

4. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Go to an aquarium

Many people find being in an aquarium instantly make them have a harmonious feeling. Watching various spices of fish swimming in a gigantic tank in front of you make you feel so small and your problem is even smaller so why waste your time on trivial things?

5. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Go exercising

Exercising and sweating not only help to burn fat but is also beneficial to both your physical and psychological health. You should exercise 20-30 minutes a day which will bring a significant effect on overcoming anxiety.

sleeping baby

6. Overcoming anxiety,

stress and burnout - Hit the bed

Sleeping always helps. You should simply sleep and let your subconscious mind help solve your problem. If you find it hard to sleep, you can do some exercise before sleeping which ease you into a sleeping mood easily.

7. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Get yourself busy

If your anxiety comes from a problem that is out of your control, like you have done a test and are worrying about the results you will get, it is no way you should be worried about it as there is nothing you can do. So do anything that will keep you busy for awhile like rent a TV series and spend a few days watching it.

8. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Ask other to be anxious for you

Ask a friend if he or she can share your anxiety. It may sound weird to do so but for some, feeling anxious is just something they think they have to do for the problem. Knowing there is already a person being anxious for the problem, it may help.

9. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Talk about your problem

Remember you can always seek help. Though you may think there is no solution out there, you will be surprised how useful tips your friends and family are going to provide. If it is something you want to talk in an anonymous way, you can look up your local phone directories to find a supporting hotline and there will be professional to help.


10. Overcoming anxiety, stress and burnout - Dance with music

Play your favorite music and move your body with it. You may not be a dance person but dancing helps a lot as it distracts your attention away from your problem and it is so fun! Just dance like you are crazy. You can invite your friends and family to do this exercise together.

I hope the above tips can free you from anxiety, stress and burnout.

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