Women who need to build self-esteem, need not be ashamed. Some of the most influential people suffered from low self-esteem, at one time or another. A women who learns to be her own best friend is well on the road to heightened self-worth. Feeding the mind with bright, sunny thoughts and positive suggestions is the way to go. Afterall, as a man thinks, or as a woman thinks so is she. The thoughts have a lot to do with how women view themselves. Change the thoughts, change the moods.

Women with self-esteem issues, blossom when they take part in activities they enjoy. Childhood experiences play a major role in the development of a womens self-esteem. The building blocks of self-esteem, begin with the people we've met and interacted with from birth to adulthood. Failures and successes were either positive or negative experiences, depending on treatment recieved from family, teachers, coaches, religious leaders, as well as peers.

Unfortunately, negative childhood relationships can damage self-esteem, and leave a lasting impression in a womans spirit. Poor self-image is a tough opponent to beat, but the task is not impossible. The effects of a loveless childhood, or having a history of toxic relationships aren't the end of the world. It takes work, it takes dedication, it takes faith, but low self-esteem is no match for women who are determined, to be the best they can be.

The follwing self-esteem building tips for women, will start them on a journey to wholeness, and increased self-worth:

1. Building self-esteem for women is difficult, if they allow others to define who they are. It's best for women to determine their own strong points, and know their weakness. Women should take skills tests, practice journal writing, and spend time getting to know who they are.

2. Magazines and the media shouldn't be the meauring stick women use to judge beauty. Listening to how others view us diminishes personal power. Better to build self-esteem realizing that God didn't and doesn't create junk, then to listen to world views.

3. Spending time reading uplifting material and inspirational articles, is a wonderful way to lift self-image, improve mood and care for self. Just the act of tending the garden of one's mind is an act of self-love. These activities will ultimatly increase a women's self-esteem, ahild increasing her knowledge base.

4. Women need to spend time attending to fashion and clothing that fits them personally. Taking time to discover personal style, is fun as well as empowering. Wearing clothing and colors that suit them, increases individuality.

5. Last but not least, women with compromised self-esteem, should get up every morning, look directly into a mirror, and say with passion : " I love you ! "