Remember: Handbag is woman's friend and good friends are often hard to find.   However, knowing well what you are looking for this time is the first step  towards the perfect choice!

Here is how to choose your dream bag wisely, to avoid confusion and post purchase dissonance.  Ask yourself following questions:

1. For what occasion do you need a new bag?
Is it a friend's wedding? Casual outgoing? Or everyday bag you will take to the office?

2. What do you usually carry with you?
Should your new bag have space for documents? keys? mobile phone? snacks? Or will you need it only to keep your lipstick and coins for taxi?

3. What colour, pattern, texture should it have?
Do you want your new bag to match one particular dress or jacket only? Or you rather want to match it with more garment pieces? If your favourite clothes are red, yellow and blue, you can consider brown, grey or green bags to look perfect.

The golden rule is: patterned clothing - plain handbag. Plain clothing - patterned handbag with any texture you like!

4. What bags do you already keep in your collection?
Question we often forget to ask ourselves... If you are the person who has many bags in the same colour or style - this is a thing for you to consider. Maybe this time you could try something new and enrich your collection with handbag of shape, size or colour you avoided so far?

Check your wardrobe before you start hunting for your new dream bag! List colours that you could consider (max. 3), shapes etc. And: stick  to it! Be precise - by 'pink' you mean pale, lilac or maybe fuchsia? That makes difference!

5. What is your style?
Is it casual? elegant? corporate-look? Your new handbag should reflect it accordingly. New bag will allow you to experiment a bit or even to change your stylisation dramatically!

6. What are your budget constraints?
Ask yourself and answer honestly: how much maximum can you spend for it without any compromise? Give an exact sum (realistically!) and stick to it. This way you will minimise risk of remorses. Decide now: do you want to buy one more expensive bag or 2-3 cheaper ones but of different colours, styles, brands?
If you hardly make ends meet, your new Chanel bag will only make you feel guilty and even more insolvent.

7. When do you need it?
How much time can you spend for 'hunting'? Do you need a new bag urgently? Or you can spend more time but to be more picky?

Final tip:  Basing on the answers - make your own checklist of your ideal bag! Put it on the piece of paper that you can carry around with you in wallet. This checklist will guide you in a moment of indeciveness. It will help you to bring focus on what you are looking for.

Choose 3 things that matter the most for you. Will it be colour, shape, price,brand - choice is yours. Prioritize the criteria. This way, if being tempted, you will be able to come back to your checklist and get a focus on what you really want!

Good luck!