Because of the recent holiday season, toy stores are surely stocked up their best-sellers and brightly-colored toys that surely attracted children and even adults looking for toys to be given as gifts.

These consumers, however, must be careful in choosing the right toy for children who are unaware of the dangers that they are exposed to. To give you a better idea on safe toys for children, here are some tips:

  • Avoid buying toys with separate or detachable small components as it poses choking hazard.
  • Never buy toys with sharp edges and points as well as those with thin, brittle materials that can easily break and harm the child.
  • Don't buy hairy or furry stuffed toys if the child has asthma or other similar health conditions.
  • Be aware of recalls on toys to know which products can harm the child.
  • Avoid buying toys with magnets which can be swallowed by children as these can cause intestinal blockage and other serious health problems.
  • For toy guns, buy those with colorful barrels so that it won't be mistaken for a real gun.
  • When buying bicycles and other sporting goods, make sure that the child is protected by making them wear helmets and safety pads.
  • Check for potential hazards such as the peeling or breaking of paint and other materials.
  • Check the materials used in making crayons and toys to see if it is safe for the child's use.
  • Avoid giving loud toys to children as it can damage their ability to hear well.

The age of the child should be a primary consideration when buying gifts. Keep in mind that there are toys not suitable for younger children and may not entertain them as you hoped.

Make it a habit to check the toy's components and the age group that is targeted by the manufacturer. This will further ensure you that the child who'll receive the gift will have a good time and not end up sustaining injuries and developing illness from it.

If a product was wrongly advertised and has injured a child in Los Angeles, then, it will be best to find a Los Angeles injury attorney who will make sure that the manufacturer will be punished from their negligence. It is their legal duty to make sure that every product they release is safe and won't harm their intended consumer.