Christmas is fast approaching, which means that you may already be mentally preparing yourself for the task of hanging your Christmas lights. It is a cheerful occasion in which the whole family can join in, but there are certain things you should keep in mind before embarking on your project.


Hanging indoor Christmas lights.


Christmas lights are vital to decorate your home for the festive season. Not only do they take a Christmas tree from bland to extraordinary, they can also be used to add little Christmas cheer to each and every room.

1. If you're like most people, your first task will be to untangle the knotted mess of your Christmas lights. Maybe this will convince you to be more organized when you put them away, so that next year you don't have to suffer.

2. Next, check to make sure your Christmas lights are working properly, and if any bulbs need replacing. Also check to make sure there is no damage to the cable itself.

3. Before setting up your tree, make sure it is either within reaching distance of one electrical outlet, or that you have an extension cord available.

4. Place your lights on the tree while it is bare, as it is easier to arrange them without having to navigate through all the other ornaments, and possibly even breaking something.

5. Christmas lights can also be hung around window frames, doorframes or even wound up stair railings if you want to use them in other rooms as well.


How Not To Hang Christmas LightsHanging outdoor Christmas lights


When hanging outdoor Christmas lights, decorating can become an extreme sport. The combination of an unsteady ladder and a wet environment can be hazardous to your health.

1.One option to avoid slippery surrounding, just to plan and having your Christmas lights well in advance, even from October or November, as the weather is still dry. This way you only have to deal with the unsteady ladder, without icy wet surfaces to make life even harder. You can turn them on once the festive season begins.

2.Make certain you have all the tools you will need available, including hooks or clamps, a hammer, pliers and extension cords. Of course, a ladder is also a good idea.

3.Use special outdoor Christmas lights as well as a heavy-duty extension cords, to avoid to short-circuit caused by improperly insulated wires.

4.Never hang lights on your own, always have someone there to spot you as you climb the ladder. Make sure to place your ladder on a flat surface.

5.You can hanging Christmas lights, both in trees, as well as your home, and even drape them across bushes. However, if you are hanging them on your home, the best option is to use plastic clips attached to gutters so that you don't damage your house.

Just remember though, that Christmas is not about lights and decorations, it's about enjoying quality time with the people you love.

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