Finally, you have your dream house, and you settled in immediately because you are excited to decorate and furnish it.  On top of your list is hanging photos on your wall.  With so many things to consider when it comes to picture hanging, you need a bucket list of tips to guide you so that it will not be messy and you do it right and with best results.  Here are ten tips.

  1. Arrange your furniture and fixtures first.  Take note that photo frames should enhance the total ambience of your home.  The placements of the frames will depend on the height of the furniture, design, style, and color. 
  2. Check the strength of the wall also.  It will help you decide the size, quantity, and the hardware to use when you hang the pictures.
  3. Gather all the images you want to hang.  Group them together according to theme or common element.  Decide on the theme or context that you want so that it will be easy for you to pick which photos will hang on the wall. 
  4. Measure before buying all the materials and accessories first that you need to hang the images.  This way, you will know the quantity that you need because you are able to determine how many pictures your walls can accommodate.
  5. Experiment before nailing the pictures first and see if it really enhances your wall and complement your furniture.  You can ask a family member to hold the picture while you observe it. 
  6. Do not hurry, take your time when selecting the pictures.  It is important that you are really satisfied with how it complements everything in your house. 
  7. Educate yourself about different hardware, tools, and accessories about frames and hanging pictures.  There are appropriate hardware and tools to use for different kinds of wall materials that are used. 
  8. Consult a professional to help you decide whether to use nails, screws, hooks, adhesive tapes and other hanging tools and gadgets.  The can also help you with the frames that you need to use and even help you decide which photos will hang on the wall. Sometimes a second opinion is just what you need to do things right. 
  9. If you have intention of hanging expensive artworks, be sure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight.  Sunrays can damage paintings and other pieces of artworks that use sensitive materials.
  10. When you do not want to involve professionals, make you sure that you have an assistant to help you nail, screw, measure, and perform other activities involved in hanging pictures. It is safer, easier, and quicker to manage hanging images from start to finish. 

          These basic and common tips on picture hanging will definitely help you decorate your new home.