10 Tips on how to hang your Christmas Lights

Do you dread having to put up your outdoor Christmas lights every year? Christmas is supposed to be one of the happiest times of the year, but for many of us the untangling of lights and an unsteady ladder is not something that we looking forward to. Hanging Christmas lights can be very simple and should be enjoyable, try following these simple tips when it is that time of the year.

How to hang your Christmas Lights!

1. Mini-lights are very popular and also inexpensive to buy and to power. However if one bulb burns out then the entire set wont work.

2. image675 The larger C-9s and C-7 lights were very common at one time, but they become very hot and use a lot more energy. However these types of lights are more reliable and your set will still work if one of the bulbs burns out.

3. Try to buy lights that have a male plug at one end and a female receptacle at the other end, this will make it easier to plug the lights from end to end while you are on route.

4. When purchasing your lights make sure you know the energy requirements that the lights need.

5. Before you start hanging up your lights locate an electrical receptacle to plug your lights in. You should use a heavy-duty extension cords from a working 120-volt electrical outlet.

6. Make sure to measure the height and length of the area of your home that you want to put lights on, so that you have enough lights to cover this area.

7. Always test your lights before you hang them up.

8. You will need a tape measure, pliers, a hammer and a ladder in order to put up your lights properly.

9. Place your ladder firmly on flat ground and always have someone there to spot you.

10. Hang your lights along eaves, make sure to hang your lights safely without damaging your homes walls and trim. If you are attaching your lights along gutters, use plastic clips that attach to your gutter and are strong enough to hold the lights or extension cord.

Happy Holidays!