15 Tips on making a girl like you!

Hello fellow readers, i decided to share my experience with the rest of you of how to make a girl like you!
  1. Appearance first, always be clean, always be clean, use deodorant, use cologne, don't wear the same clothes for 3 or more days, shower often, a girl likes a guy that cares for himself, but do not overdo this!
  2. Don't sit inside, when you have done all of the above, ask a girl out, if she refuses, don't worry about it, there are millions, and millions of more that might like you, girls don't like people that are only inside and do nothing else then watching TV and playing games on their PC.
  3. You know some of those moments when you have eye-contact with a girl you like? When you do get this, you look away as fast as you can, and pretend you weren't looking, right? Instead of looking away, keep the eye-contact, and smile.
  4. Show some emotion, a girl does not like a rock, that listens to her stories, but doesn't care, try to listen to her carefully, try to give her advice if she has problems, be sensitive!
  5. This one works very well, when you have a jacket or something, and you are in class, or somewhere outside, and you see the girl you like, and she shivers of coldness, offer your jacket, even if she refuses, she will remember you care for other people.
  6. Be confident, this is extremely important! When given a compliment, don't be shy about it, for example, when a girl says you have nice eyes, smile, be happy, and admit to it, this is much better then saying something like this  ''..well, uhm... t-tt-thank you''.
  7. Don't be insecure, stand up for yourself, a girl will love this, scream out your opinion, try to be the leader when given a chance, if someone offends you, and the girl you like is there, never try to ignore it and walk away, STAND UP for yourself, if you can't defend yourself, how will you defend your girlfriend?
  8. Have your own life too, a girl doesn't like a guy that's around her all the time, sure, most girls do like this, but they are only out to attention, and that's not a good thing.
  9. Be energetic, show your happiness, never be negative.
  10. Have hobbies, have interests, this way, you will have something to talk about, and who knows, the girl you like might have the same hobbies and interests like you!
  11. Like I said, always show your opinion, when you dislike something, say something about.
  12. Politeness, this is a definite must, always let her speak out her mind, do not ever interrupt a girl just to say something yourself, greet her everyday you see her.
  13. Be yourself at all times, if you try to be something you are not, and it works, and she falls in love with you, there WILL be a time that she will find out your real personality.
  14. If a girl doesn’t like you, too bad, you tried and you should be very proud of yourself, but do NOT hold onto one girl, there are a lot more girls in this world that might like you!
  15. Shave often, girls don't like those small ''baby-hairs'' the most 15 year old boys have, there is an exception though, goatees or beards, keep them clean though, use a good aftershave!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as i did writting it!