You CAN Move Ahead!

Sure, everyone wants to move ahead, problem is most people don't know how.

This is especially true for most teens and young adults. They often times find themselves frozen, incapacitated. Feeling incapable of moving forward in their job most teens and young adults do what's required of them and nothing more. It IS possible, however, to move forward no matter what your age!

  1.  Smile!!!! Nobody likes to see a frowning face - If you work in an environment where you consistently interact with customers and co-workers this is a must. Even if your work doesn't involve constant interaction with other people I suggest you adapt a can do attitude! After all, you never know when a boss may show up! :)

  2. Learn what you do, and do what you learn - One of the best ways you can move ahead in any job is to become a valuable asset. It is always a good idea to become an expert in whatever you do. If you work the grill at a burger joint then what temperature should the grill be? How many patties can fit on the grill? Learn about things that others don't really care about. This shows that you have the initiative to more forward. Once you learn these things start to APPLY them. A good example would be, if you learn how to clean something new then clean it! 

  3. Do what you know should be done without being asked - Again, make yourself an asset. Employers LOVE when their employees just do what should be done without having to tell them. If you know that there is a task or project that you can complete without prior consent of a higher up, by all means do it! Not only will it show them you pay attention when you're told to do something, it will also say "Heck yeah I'm ambitious and self-driven!!" 

  4.  Ask questions - NEVER be afraid to ask how to do something! Plenty of times employers won't think to show you everything, after all they are human. When you find something that you want to do just ask them. Depending on what it is, like taking care of the deposit, the answer may or may not be no, but don't let that stop you! It'll still show them you have the guts to learn!

  5. Try to not limit your availability - When you start to limit what days you can and cannot work it begins to put off that you're not committed. Now there are exceptions, if it goes against your religion then by all means take the day off! You should also not feel bad about requesting days off now and again! Afterall, when you put that much effort into your job, your employer will be more inclined to work with you!

  6.  NEVER call off - Okay, so maybe never is a strong word, but it should definitely be RARELY. No matter what your job is you are part of a team. One that is depending on you. When you call off last-minute because you just don't feel like going in you let your team down. Obviously you can't predict when you'll get sick, or when an emergency will occur. You can, however, give notice for most things. Have respect for your employer and, usually, they'll return it.

  7. When you're at work BE at work - Put effort into being at work. Often times we forget to separate our personal life from our professional one. Make the best of being at work and leave your problems at the door. Don't take it out on your co-workers, customers, or that piece of machinery that just won't work. Who knows, maybe taking a minute to step back will allow you to figure it out!!

  8.   Pick up some hours - It's your day off and you plan on relaxing. All of the sudden the phone lights up and you see it's work and quickly hit ignore. Now I'm the last one to condemn you about not wanting to go in on your days off but if you're free, why not? Picking up a shift for someone who may not feel well or just coming in as extra coverage are great ways to show initiative!! Plus when you work with your team and not against them, they'll be more likely to have your back later on.

  9.   Always be on time - You should try to never  be late. As with calling off there are unforseen circumstances that can affect your punctuality. If you can , however, you want to try and avoid it. A great example is, if you get up at 7:00am and you have start work by 7:15am and you live 20 mins away. You probably shouldn't make up for lost time by speeding down the road, I've heard it can hurt your driving record!

  10. Respect authority - when you're at work you should respect those put in a higher place than you. Regardless of how you feel about them and their *ahem* intelligence. When you respect them they WILL respect you. If they say take out trash then don't complain and just do it. The fact is that they are above you whether you like it or not. HOWEVER, if there is ANY conflict with a shift manager you should go to the lead manager. If there is a conflict with the lead manager go above them. NEVER be afraid to stand up for what's right and never let anyone hold their power over your head. Just remember to always handle the situation in a respectful and adult way.


Ultimately how far you go in any avenue depends on you and your tenacity. I hope these tips help you to achieve whatever goals you are striving for in your work!!!