A wedding toast, generally 'assigned' to the groom's right hand man, family member, or close friend of the happy couple, is one of the critical pieces of a wedding reception. It is a few minutes of unique memories that one of the guests shares with the whole group of revelers. Reminiscing about the bride and groom and offering the best wishes is usually something to look forward to.

1. Tell everyone your name and your relationship to the couple. Even if you are known to some of the attending guests, there are probably others who may be left wondering who you are.
2. Lead up slowly to your toast. Briefly talk about how delightful you thought the complete wedding atmosphere was. This shows how much you delighted in the event, that you determined all the activities in the program notable and worth mentioning.
3. Take time to prepare your toast for a few hours in the time before the happy occasion. An impromptu toast may be enough, but you just might forget some things that the guests might appreciate had you prepared for it.
4. In your initial stage, write yourself notes about some things you really enjoy about the couple, about their union, and how beautiful to watch their partnership is – this merely is your introduction, so keep it short.
5. Next, mention the individual qualities of both, begin with the bride, and continue to the groom. Then tell a funny vignette of a special time you shared together. Or you can talk more on their romantic courtship. If you have been part of the moment he proposed, the engagement and the vows, you can use that as a topic as well, but don't forget to mention only all pleasant memories.
6. You can opt for short vignettes or quotations about love or the couple. A fun story or an enduring quote at the start of the salute can really improve the impact of your message.
7. A bit of humor is typically well received, but keep away from coarse jokes. If you decide to use humor, ensure that the rest of the toast remains warm and personal.
8. Don't drink too much alcohol before your speech. Do not speak in public while your thoughts may be hazy or your speech is a little off. Check out your appearance – your clothes, your hair – before giving your speech.
9. Stay far as well from getting chatty about previous marriages or details about expenses (whether the wedding or the couple's gifts). Even though you may be a confidante of the couple, things that they have confided to you about their life plans have to remain in confidence – including children, honeymoon or whatever future plans the bride and groom may not be ready for sharing with everyone just yet.
10. Keep the speech to a maximum of five minutes in length.

Now that you know the tricks, you just have to remember to be confident, show your good intentions for the newlyweds, and smile throughout your entire toast. Remember that your speech is a memorable moment in your friend or family member's happy occasion, and that your sincerity when you deliver it will be really appreciated and make their reception more memorable.

Let your joy and well wishes shine through and all guests will delight in your message, affection and wishes for the happy couple. Finally, lift your glass high and literally toast wonderful event and pair.