Learning History does nto have to be bland and boring. Here are some tips and ideas on how to make learning history enjoyable.

Find Something You Are Interested In

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Maybe your ancestors migrated from Wales and you want to learn more about it. Maybe you love bicycles and want to learn more about the history of bicycles. Regardless of what things you are interested in you can find aspects of history to study that you will also love to learn about. If you find a topic you are interested in it helps a lot in learning to enjoy history.

Forget School

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Some high school and college instructors are great teachers that can get their students interested in and actively learning about particular history subjects. Unfortunately, many of us did not have instructors and teachers who were good at teaching history in an interesting way. We were stuck with teachers that may have read verbatim from the dull history book in a monotone voice. With the Internet and all of the other avenues of research available we can find topics of history that we are interested in. You may not get any college credit for your history study but you will get a new respect for history and maybe even a new passion. Learn what you want to learn. If you are interested in trains then read and learn about the history of trains.


Television offers many history shows. There are channels devoted entirely to History topics. If you watch television channels such as the History Channel then you may find an aspect of history that piques your interest and you can then further explore the topic by doing research on your own and reading online about the topic. The History channel also has a reputation for teaching history in a way that makes it interesting to a large segment of the population. The History Channel would not be in business if they taught history in a boring way.

There is a Mea Culpa here however, because The History Channel will often sensationalize certain aspects of history in order to increase their viewership.

Old People

Old people often have an unlimited amount of stories that can teach you a lot about history and it is very fascinating. What better way to enjoy learning about the military projects in Greenland then by talking to somebody who worked in Greenland for the military? What better way to learn what it was like growing up in rural Northern Ireland then by talking to someone who grew up in rural Northern Ireland. Every man (and woman) has a story and it is your job to get them to open up. Even the simplest of life’ led has interesting historical topics avbaible for perusal.

Apply Teachings to Your Own Life

One of the most beautiful things about learning history is we can apply many of the principles we learn to our own life. If we study about Genghis Khan and why he was so successful then we can adapt the attributes and mind-set that made Genghis Khan successful and apply it to our own life. Imagine how successful you can be in your job pr business if you take proven principles and then adapt and apply them to your own life.


Teaching others is a great way to make history more interesting. If you are teaching your child abut a history subject he or she may have a question which you are not sure how to answer. You may then enjoy learning more about the history subject so that you can teach your child more things that she or he finds interesting about this particular history subject. When you and your child have a mutual interest and fascination with a particular avenue of history such as dinosaurs then both of you can bond while being educated about history. Dinosaurs are almost always a popular history subject that interests children as well as many adults.

Laser Focus

Once you find a subject you want to study in-depth it can be very hard to stay focused when the topic is so broad. Instead of studying a broad topic such as the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor you can focus in to a very specific subject such as studying the mental stability of a particular suicide bomber.

Look Locally

We often forget to look at local history subjects. I do not care where you live because there is always interesting and fascinating history to be found locally. If you are not aware of any interesting local history subjects then you can begin the fun task of researching and interviewing long-time citizens to find interesting local history topics. Once you find and learn about interesting local history subjects then you can share these interesting history stories with your friends and family who love in the same area. Local history is often the key to getting certain people interested in learning history.

Real Life

If you love to read fiction books then you may be pleasantly surprised to learn that oftentimes true life history subjects are much more interesting then the strangest of any fiction books you read.

Open Your Mind

Many times certain authors will write about a particular history subject and not be very subjective. These writers have a specific view of the events in their mind and they want to pass that view on to their readers. The problem with this is that you need to look at history subjects from the viewpoints of the people involved and the culture at the time. We may look at the Japanese suicide bombers and assume that what they did was both stupid and or that they were forced to do it. Instead of focusing on that look at the other side and read about Japanese culture at the time. Get into the mind state of a Japanese suicide bomber before he left on a suicide mission to Pearl harbor and learn to understand the who, what, where, and why these people did what they did. When you look at it from other perspectives you may develop an entirely new outlook on historical events that you are studying such as World War II.