Family vacations can be fun and relaxing but getting there can be full of frustrations and headaches, especially if you are traveling with little ones. From packing to lodging, here are ten easy and effective tips to help keep you sane and organized when you're headed out on your next family vacation.

1. Pack a Carry-On – Pack snacks, a few toys, a change of clothes for each kid, and any other essentials in a carry-on, especially if you have connecting flights. This way you'll be prepared if get stuck in an airport due to a delay or flight cancellation.

2. Cut Back on the Sugar – Keep the kids well hydrated and stick to healthy snacks sans the sugar. Sugary snacks and candy means you will not only have to deal with hyper kids (which can be a nightmare on a plane or in the car), you'll also have to deal with the crash that comes after the sugar rush can leave kids cranky and irritable.

3. Create a Rewards System – Encourage good behavior while simultaneously entertaining the kids by setting up a rewards system. Every time they do something good or praiseworthy, give them a small reward such as a new coloring book or a treat.

4. Put Together Travel Packs – Put together a small personal travel box or bag for each child with a few of their favorite items to keep them entertained.

5. Keep Routines – If possible, schedule your travel to coincide with nap time and make sure you stick to regular schedules as much as possible while on the road.

6. Be Prepared – Never assume that your hotel, resort, or other lodging accommodations will have child-friendly furniture and equipment. Call ahead to request a room apt for your needs and anything extra you may need such as crib.

7. Baby-Proof – Baby-proof your room when you first arrive and pay attention to any electrical outlets, lamp cords, windows, glassware, and anything else that may be potentially hazardous to your children.

8. Confirm Reservations – Always confirm reservations prior to your departure!

9. Consider All-Inclusive – If you're a family of four or more, you may want to consider staying at an all-inclusive resort. For a flat fee per person, you and your family can enjoy your vacations without the worries of overspending.

10. Be Patient! – Keep in mind that no family vacation is going to be absolutely perfect. Be patient and prepare yourself for a few minor bumps in the road.